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MONTE CARLO BEACH, Hotel – Relais & Chateaux
Monaco, France
Design Practice – India Mahdavi

Site is key to the development of PSLab’s unique lighting products. In the sunny Mediterranean statelet of Monaco, PSLab was asked to create original lighting for the rooms and lobbies of the renovated Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel, managed by Paris-based architect India Mahdavi. As with all PSLab’s projects, the lamps created are a product of the team’s innovative inspiration and technical expertise.

At the centre of the site, in the main lobby, PSLab created a romantic, whimsical central ceiling fixture, whose white, floral brightness belies the durability of its individual leaf-like hammered metal elements, and the technical ingenuity of the fluctuating axis heights of their mounts, which allow them to cluster organically around their light sources. The spirit of this element was then captured in the adaptation of the product to wall fixtures throughout the hotel.                     

In the hotel rooms, .PSLAB fixed irregular, ovoid white ceiling lamps above the space to emphasise its length, and used subtle white metal tubes to enclose the lights for the bedroom area. All these elements are pieces of the constantly developing .PSLAB dynamic; creating a sense of mood that is individual to the site and the client, with inspired products that can be adapted to other sites in the future

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Status: Built
Location: Monaco-Ville, MC
Firm Role: Lighting Designer & Manufacturing