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bulthaup Clerkenwell

bulthaup Clerkenwell

London, UK

PSLab has collaborated with bulthaup Clerkenwell to light bulthaup’s newly refurbished showroom in Clerkenwell, London. This constitutes PSLab’s second collaboration in London, after having collaborated with Mint, an interior design store, since September 2011. The site-specific products chosen, a combination of standard and custom-made fixtures, are used to highlight the new displays and to create a specific mood that will engage viewers with the displayed products. The launching of this collaboration occurred during the London Design Festival and constitutes a step towards PSLab’s future plan to expand to London to be closer to their collaborators.

The primary aim of this collaboration is for bulthaup and PSLab to work together and showcase their corresponding offerings. The success of this collaboration lies in PSLab and bulthaup combining their efforts to provide a refined and customized service, an offering both brands have in common. By working together, new opportunities for future collaborations are created. The two brands follow a similar approach where both offer customized solutions and produce high-end site-specific products, based on the architecture of the space. bulthaup chose PSLab for this collaboration upon recognizing that they are aligned in terms of quality, functionality and simplicity, turning this joint effort into a harmonious collaboration.
Indeed, PSLab designs and manufactures site-specific lighting products, following a customized project approach, in which it treats each project in its own context. From this approach has stemmed an internal library of more than 300 lighting fixtures born from past collaborations PSLab has had. While this is the first time PSLab and bulthaup work together, collaborations are not a novel concept to PSLab which, since its inception,

works on a collaborative basis. It is this shared approach that has encouraged PSLab to enter into this collaboration with enthusiasm and ambition.

PSLab created a custom lighting concept using a combination of both standard and site-specific products. Standard products, born from past collaborations, are selected by PSLab to fit with the overall concept and vision bulthaup has for the space. Site-specific products, on the other hand, are custom-made products PSLab creates based on the site’s individualities and functionalities. For the bulthaup Clerkenwell showroom, PSLab designed and manufactured a wall-mounted fixture to be used above the new line of graphite table being launched. This custom-made product was developed specially for bulthaup refurbished showroom, taking into consideration the characteristics of the space, and is indicative of PSLab’s custom approach to lighting.
PSLab’s brand character is translated into their lighting concepts and this can be felt through their choice of materials and the look and feel of the .PSLAB products, hand-finished by a team of artisans in their factory. This collaboration serves as a vitrine for people to not only witness and interact with the products but also to experience .PSLAB’s intervention in a space.


The London Design Festival served as a vitrine for viewers to witness the result of a successful collaboration. The products responded effectively to the demands of the space. This collaboration holds as a true testament to the bespoke approach PSLab follows whenever working on a new project. The established and continuous dialogue allowed for a smooth collaboration and got bulthaup Clerkenwell to place its trust in PSLab to create a lighting response that would be in cohesion with their vision for the refurbishment of the space and their new line of products launch.

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB
Firm Role: Lighting Designer & Manufacturing