Beirut, LB


MYBAR - Beirut, Lebanon

MYBAR, Restaurant & Bar
Beirut, Lebanon
Design Practice – H-Group Architecs


Each site is unique, and each of PSLab’s lighting design responses must be as unique. MyBar in Beirut presented PSLab’s creative team with an entrance hallway with undulating textured walls, a bar area divided by multiple uneven white poles, and a series of exposed white overhead ducts running from the bar to the dining area.

Each of these constraints gave itself to an original lighting product. Lines of uplights enhanced the uneven entrance wall with plays of shadows, downlights poised at the tops of the bar area’s poles accentuate their shape, and rib-like lamps embrace the shape of the ceiling ducts – aesthetically interesting and technically deft products in themselves, they also create a constant visual dialogue between the duct, the lamps and the negative spaces between them.

With these products, as with all PSLab’s works, a creative dialogue with the needs of the site and of the client develop an entirely unique atmosphere which is supported by finely-manufactured products, either original or from the PSLab archive.

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Status: Built
Location: Beirut, LB
Firm Role: Lighting Designer & Manufacturing