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Diptyque - Paris | diptyque unveils its rebirth with kindling custom-designed lighting solutions at its newly renovated boutique

diptyque was created in 1961, with its first store at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, in the heart of
Paris. 54 years later, diptyque reintroduces its authenticity with a subtle concession to modernity,
by unveiling its newly refurbished space.

To maintain the boutique’s realness, original colors such as olive green on the inside and
burgundy on the façade, have been preserved and restored. Elegance, freshness and life were
given to the furniture, tapestry and original pieces such as the Lapis and Malachite wall, hand
painted by Desmond Knox-Leet, one of diptyque’s founders.

The authentic spirit didn’t retain diptyque from adding a touch of modernity and subtlety, while
maintaining the legitimacy and the principles that mark this Parisian address. .PSLAB worked
closely with the brand to develop a lighting solution that meets those restoration needs and
overcomes all technical and electrical constraints due to the historical aspect of the building.

PSLab collaborated with diptyque on the design and build of two ‘bespoke steel and ribbed glass
chandeliers.’ Their eye-catching and impactful design reserves your attention as you enter the
boutique. The chandeliers and their details, from joint to glass were aesthetically conceived to
revive the original concept of the brand and to create timeless pieces that complement the
authenticity of the space, preserving its strong identity.

PSLab’s technical and engineering prowess developed a lighting mechanism tailor made for the
heart of the three boutique’s windows. The 70mm discrete LED projectors were shaped to slide
along a clean, prewired frame. This flexible and advanced system offers a handy solution to the
live, constantly changing vitrines as the custom-built projectors can be adjusted to accommodate
the various displays.

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Status: Built
Location: Paris, FR
Firm Role: Lighting Design and Manufacturing
Additional Credits: Client & Design Studio: Diptyque