Juan Augusto Barrera

Juan Augusto Barrera

Shanghai, CN


Sport Center

This is a University project for enhancing recreational space, in conjunction with the Queretaro State government, by creating different sporting facilities for activities such as  swimming,  court sports such as basketball, squash, tennis, and more.

In addition to sports facilities, a prominent shopping mall , featuring 10,000m2 of space for restaurants and stores, is included, as well as a clinic which is connected to the shopping center.

The government generously assisted with subsidies in order to keep the space accessible to the public at minimum costs. The clinic is also sponsored by the government in order to provide greater health care for citizens in need.

The space takes on a life of its own with the exploration of wide new forms and spaces, and different textures, which generate a sense of freedom and an awareness of the  space.

This project gave me the opportunity to increase my design versatility by combining hospitality, public and governmental  spaces.



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Status: School Project
Location: Querétaro, MX