Juan Augusto Barrera

Juan Augusto Barrera

Shanghai, CN


//Fuxin Museum

TONGYAN architects organized an internal competition  to present the client with some alternatives. My proposal, as selected by the client, is shown here. This design combines the auditorium and the museum.

My research and proposal arrived at the creation of a modern form that is simultaneously elegant, fluid and even sculptural .

For a project of this scale, it was critical for the consultants to work together as a  team to exceed client expectations.

One of my main duties was to work on the space distribution, finishes. and logistics according to the client requirements. based on function and space area.

This project is about 60,000m2 divided in 3 principal areas:  museum, auditorium and a bridge.

In this project I explored varied organic forms throughout the design process.

The auditorium is a 7,600m2  space with a capacity for 1000 people, divided by three different floors, and it also is connected by the bridge to the museum.

The museum is going to be about urban planning and art. At the top of the building we are making a double high room to show a big model of the city of Fushun.

Both buildings will have  a green garden to help reduce the size of storm drainage  pipes, and the amount of rain water that needs to be treated by municipal water treatment , with the interest in making our building  sustainable. Finally, a large plaza in the middle of the lake and our building, able for the people to have a rest and enjoy the view to the lake.


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Status: Under Construction