Juan Augusto Barrera

Juan Augusto Barrera

Shanghai, CN


//Government Office FUXUNG

The new infrastructure Fuxun is the project I’m currently working on, which is located in North of China. This is a government project that is based on building offices for the government, schools and police stations. The area of this project it’s about 56.200m2, plus it contains an underground parking lot for a maximum of 15000 cars. The proposal I made was to attempt to make something diverse for the Chinese government. I wanted to create an incompatible design incorporating a modern style. Also at the same time, creating public spaces giving an equivalent importance as the private sectors.
This infrastructure is divided in three distinct buildings, the function of these buildings depend on the difference of the high and area of the structures. The highest building is about twenty floors including a podium of three floors, the second building is about eleven floors, and the third which is separated from the main podium is about eight floors

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Status: Built