Juan Augusto Barrera

Juan Augusto Barrera

Shanghai, CN


//Kinder Garten

China´s construction industry requires all consultant firms-- especially architects--to work on various projects , as in Dubai, whose size, complexity, speed of design and construction demands  exceeds by far what architects are used to in other parts of the world.

In TONTSEN Shanghai, I am taking part in one of the most important elements of a project:: conceptual design.

I have been designing different projects at different scales, from a kindergarten to a big compound  of residential buildings.

Here you will see a kindergarten with 11,250m2 which is located in  Northern China in Changshu providence. In this project I was in charge of the conceptual design and architectural plans, which means that I had a big challenge: to learn all the Chinese security codes for kindergartens to be able to make a good design.

One of the main ideas in this project is the integration of the natural environment and our project. The project is divided into three zones: a sports area, classrooms , and a play area. A river also surrounds the plots which makes for an interesting natural feature as well as another challenge to the overall design.

The composition of the project takes its form from the spatial relationship to the river and its orientation on the plot, yielding a very unique form between the classrooms and the public spaces.

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Status: Unbuilt