Juan Augusto Barrera

Juan Augusto Barrera

Shanghai, CN


//Residential NANCHANG, CHINA

TONTSEN Architects gave me the opportunity to make the concept design of this compound  and to create an unusual façade by using glass on the balconies surrounding the building. This concept is used on the 8 buildings of the compound.

This project is located in SE China, in Nanchang, one of the fastest growing cities in China.

The design gives equal attention to three different uses: offices, residential space, and a shopping mall, in order to maximize opportunities and viabilities within the site’s context. This project is around 20,000m2. It has 8 residential buildings with varying heights.

Also there are interesting gardens between all the buildings trying to make spaces were the people could be able to enjoy and feel confortable doing exercise or what ever they want. Also there is a shopping mall on the corner of the plot where you can find whatever you want and satisfy the  whole compound.

One of the most interesting things in China is that they are making small cities  where people who lives there is able to meet all their needs

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Status: Under Construction