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Firenze, IT


Split in two | Kale @ Cersaie 2018 Bologna, IT

This design is conceived as a great theatrical machine. It’s a wide fragmented stage studded with scenic constructions highlighting the qualities of the collections of tiles on display. So, not just another commercial show, rather a different way to represent the nature of this kind of product, adding a poetic value to it.

The exhibition space inside is divided in two distinct areas with different vocations. Kale Group is characterized by product-specific installations – monoliths, large spatial geometries, mix’n’match compositions – an instagrammable context interplaying with the visitors and creating memory. The magnified three-dimensional geometry of a crystal, the lightness of a cloud, are some of the symbolic installations made of/made for tiled surfaces.

Close by, the exhibition of the premium brand Kale Italia crosses the borders of traditional interior spaces. Mixing domestic life with leisure and working space it presents crossover environments with a drama feel, such as a room of Lynchian inspiration. Here slim shiny porcellain slabs are used as a wrapping decorative surface, becoming tapestry and wallpaper, matched on the floor with the beauty of an obsessive black and white geometry embraced by a red curtain. An attempt to demystify the usual commercial exhibition format, inspiring the visitors with the genuine fakeness of a mise-en-scène.

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Status: Built
Location: Bologna, IT
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Client / Kale Group - Tradeshow / Cersaie 2018, Bologna IT - Creative Direction / Paolo Cesaretti - Design Team / Paolo Cesaretti, Marianna Cristofaro, Camilla Vallini, Simone Cardia - Visual Design / Claudia Astarita - Contractor / La Bottega - Area / 700 sqm - Photo / Lorenzo Pennati, Luca Rotondo - Postproduction / Lorenzo Pennati