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Firenze, IT


Gentle signs | Red Dot winner 2023

#CareForYourWorld is Kale’s coordinated group of actions embracing sustainability, with the belief that the big change can be handled starting from our attitude to everyday life. 

Conforming to this principle - and aimed to think in terms of circular economy from the concept stage - our office designed a narrative space based on the following solutions:

1. Built with a modular wooden frame 100x360 cm the booth is lighter for transportation, easier to be handled and assembled. The walls are opaque till the height of 240cm and the rest is just structure and fabric. This means saving one third of construction materials compared to a traditional booth with the same height and volume, reducing hours of work, electricity, fuel for transportation, waste.

2 Structures and display elements are reusable and made of recycled and/or 100% circular materials. The main materials in use are natural pine wood and rough fabric. 

3 A ziggurat made by hundreds of Sansevieria known as Dracaena Trifasciata, is placed at the center of the stand. This is an evergreen houseplant known as a natural air purifier being able to eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene from the environment.

4 A family of visual icons - World/Home/Individual - identifies the areas of sustainability represented by #CareForYourWorld. Visible on the outer walls of the booth, these establish a bond of empathy with the visitors.

Inside the exhibition - featuring ambiances, show cooking area and hydroponic farming -

sustainable-produced displays and props along with Kale’s products embrace a nudging philosophy. “Nudging is an approach that changes people’s behaviour in order to influence their decisions when choosing on what to act. Its implementation has to be easy and gentle, not mandatory.” An inspirational way for the visitors to consider sustainability part of their daily life.

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Status: Built
Location: Bologna, IT
Additional Credits: Kale group (client)
Marilde Bianco (design assistant)
Wei Zhou (CGI)
Claudia Astarita (visual design)
It’s Enough (styling)
Luca Rotondo (photographer)