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Firenze, IT


CP - Urban dairy

Modular display system designed for dairy specialist Caseificio Palazzo. The company - a large scale retail trade operator - in a wider operation of brand repositioning chose to embrace a different image, shifting from traditional folklore to a contemporary urban feel. Three main elements define this adaptable space: 1) a modular structure holding framed panels made by semi-transparent fabric characterized by the Caseificio Palazzo pattern; 2) backlit display units staging perspex holders of different colors to match and enhance the product packaging; 3) a backlit wall showing different steps of the production process and at the same time providing smooth lighting to the lounge/tasting area.

The modularity of the system allows easy changes in the plan as well as in the outer skin of the booth to comply with an evolving branding process.

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Status: Built
Location: Parma, IT
Additional Credits: Client/
Caseificio Palazzo

Creative Direction/
Paolo Cesaretti

Design Team/
Paolo Cesaretti, Paola Danesi

Visual Design/
Studio Proclama

Aka Design

Luca Rotondo

Wei Zhou, Marilde Bianco