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Firenze, IT


Mediterranean Modern

Looking for a formal frame that would consistently answer the requests of the design brief, we were inspired by a style that can be defined as Mediterranean Modern. A style expressed by residential architecture scattered along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, interpreting elements of classicism in a contemporary way - arches, iconic staircases, rough surfaces and earth colors. Casa Malaparte in Capri or some of the vacation villas of Gio Ponti on the North Italian Riviera are examples of this architectural style.

Our interior design proposal takes on an abstract, at times surreal tone, crossing a series of spaces that fluidly follow one another and suggest the domestic environments of a large single-family house.

Mediterranean Modern is a project aiming to exhibit diverse architectural solutions & bespoke furnishings designed by our team, while all furnishings were made entirely with materials produced by our client. 

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Status: Built
Location: Bologna, IT
Firm Role: Interior Design, Architecture
Additional Credits: Client/ Canakkale Kalebodur Seramik
Creative direction/ Paolo Cesaretti
Design team/ Paolo Cesaretti, Marilde Bianco, Paola Danesi
Styling/ It’s Enough
Photography/ Luca Rotondo