Maria Morales

Maria Morales

New York, NY, US


Water Street Medians

This project was designed because a contest launched by one of the City Hall´s of Mexico City looking for a solution for the water problem. In this particular area of the city, the lack of water had become the most important issue to be solve for the authorities. This project materializes a research and investigation for a new and sustainable way to collect water for the community.

Water Ridge took the ridges of an area in the city and made them a big rainwater collector. First by collecting the rainwater with a recollection  system under the sidewalks. Second by implementing  a caption system for the rainwater in the roofs of the buildings that are in the ridges, most of them are schools, soccer fields, parking and police stations. Therefore,  this water will be routed through a drainage network in order to be purified and storage  in an underground  container. This water then will be used first by the schools and  the remains by the community.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mexico, MX
My Role: Project Manager, Project Designer