Maria Morales

Maria Morales

New York, NY, US


Sustainability Stations

The Sustainability Station is a project focused on solving Mexico City’s problem of lack of water and floods. Both situations are related to the water extraction from the soil water table, which represents 71% of the city’s water supply. The extraction of the water causes many  land subsidences throughout the city. At the same time, the subsidences produce the city’s flooding, so the sewerage network cannot maintain the necessary slope for the eviction of the waste water. The main purpose of the project is the water harvesting in order to avoid water table extraction from the city’s water supply.

The raining season varies throughout the year and for this reason, so the project combines recycling functions that let the facilities operate along the year. The incorporation of a recycling program allows the labors to be focused on the waste collection in the non-raining periods. Recycling was selected because it also benefits the city since in the city only 17% of waste is recycled. The facility will collect materials used for packing such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and aluminum. This recyclable waste material will be collected, cleaned, compacted and prepared to be transferred to proper recycle facilities for proper reuse. The paper will be the only waste material which will be recycled in the Station because it’s technological process for recycle is easy, and compared with the others doesn’t represent a risk of polluting the water harvested.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mexico, MX
My Role: Project Manager & Project Designer