Maria Morales

Maria Morales

New York, NY, US


Copa America Soccer Field

The concept is basically the sustainability in order to the project to be the most autonomous as possible. That´s the reason for the elements to be interrelated, allowing the group work and the supporting of activities.
The field is covered in order to be used whatever the climatic conditions are. It can be used also for other activities like parties, expositions or market. That´s why the structure is formed by a steel spacial ceiling and by metallic columns, which installation is quickly and easy. The structure allows the installation of temporary walls for the different activities that could be taking place at the same time. The roof is an important element because it collects the rain water for the purification and storage of it.
The cover spaces needed for the project where proposed with containers. They can have fixed areas (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.) or areas that could be used for different activities (marketing or classes). They are formed by modules that allow the displacement or enlargement of them.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Buenos Aires, AR
My Role: Project Manager & Project Designer