Maria Morales

Maria Morales

New York, NY, US


Neighborhood Intervention

The city intervention was an urban proposal for two Mexico City townships´. They needed an urban analysis to determine urban and architectonic strategies in order to ameliorate the area. After the urban analysis, an architecture strategy for one site in the study area was developed.
The first proceeding was to study the area in different aspects as heights, pedestrian circulation, vehicular circulation, public transportation, green areas, conflict points between pedestrian and vehicles, activities of the area and the different kind of flows .
Next, an urban analysis plan with the collected information was made. Also, the plan contains the urban strategies for the area for its development and enhancement.
Finally, a site was selected in which an architecture project was proposed for the area. The project was  a set of buildings with recreational activities for the inhabitants of the townships. Moreover, the project will help to trigger the urban strategies proposed first.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mexico, MX
My Role: Project Manager & Project Designer
Additional Credits: Samantha Orozco
Adrian Ancira