Maria Morales

Maria Morales

New York, NY, US


Alexandria Library

The library project was situated in downtown Alexandria on the waterfront. Because of its orientation and views was easy to provide the project with assets in this sense. The dynamic  form responds to the most important view which is the bridge that connects Alexandria with Maryland. 
The first floor concentrates all the services including restrooms, administration, storage, etc.. The second floor is the library by itself and the  third floor is the reading area. The library stairs connect the 3 floors and also is the main aesthetic element of the project which also relates to the dynamic of the form and the bridge. Its principal function is to allow the entrance of light into the building.
The series of openings in the walls respond to the interior spaces. The facades made of glass allow the total entrance of light to take advantage of it. The skin of the building is the same roof as walls.

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Status: School Project
Location: Alexandria, VA, US