Lenore Roberts

Lenore Roberts

Walnut, CA, US


Combined Final 9 Lines

This was the final line project of the series of line projects.  For this assignment, we had to combine our compositions from the "3 Final 9 Line" assignment.  The overall composition had to meet all of the rules stated in "Exploration in 9 Lines" as well as self-created rules.  The self-created rules helped set guidelines, but as they increased in number, the challenge increased.

In combining the compositions, they had to work together.  There were not supposed to be parts sticking out.  Additionally, the original compositions were not to be altered.  All of the lines and joints had to remain intact, which is why labeling was beneficial.  In my case, all of my models had to be almost completely taken apart and then put back together again.

I also made the solid volume for this model.  However, the volume for this model could have turned out any number of ways, depending upon your logic in determining which lines to use.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer