Lenore Roberts

Lenore Roberts

Walnut, CA, US


Bike RE-Design

For my sculpture class, the project was to create something dealing with vehicles, including boats, bikes, trains, cars, etc.  I decided to recycle my bike and use its parts to create an architectural model.  After dismantling my bike and observing the pieces, I decided to create a model for a public pavilion on a harbor.

There were a few explanations behind destroying my bike and using the parts to create a model for a harbor.  First, living in the city is stressful;  furthermore, living with a bike in the city (next to a college campus) is suicide.  A harbor is the complete opposite- it is peaceful.  Because I moved closer to campus, I no longer had a need for a bike.  I traded a stressful life for one of ease.  Second, I like re-purposing materials.  As an artist it is interesting to see the way that objects "speak" to you and can transform into something completely different.  As a human being on the planet, it is essential to eliminate waste and utilize sustainable practices.  Third, I thought it would be interesting to use the materials from one mode of transportation to create or inform another mode of transportation.

I used parts from the frame of the bike to create the structure of the pavilion. I used the seat frame as structure for the upper-level of the pavilion.  Wood is used to create circulation through the pavilion and plexiglass is used to add protection to the viewers.  The plexiglass is sandblasted and bent to give the illusion of mist and sails.

The overall design takes on a futuristic look and appears almost like a mode of transportation in and of itself.  I wanted the structure to look like it could move.  The aim was to create a space that allows the viewer to relax and contemplate; to make them feel as if they are being transported to a different, more peaceful atmosphere.

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Status: Built
My Role: Artist/Designer