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  • Baumer Visiting Professor Neil Denari at the Knowlton School

    Meredith Garda
    Oct 1, '15 1:18 AM EST

    This past week at the Knowlton School, Herbert Baumer Distinguished Visiting Professor, Neil Denari, joined architecture students for three days of seminars. 

    (Denari speaks with graduate architecture students during a seminar session.)

    Denari joins a list of leading practitioners and scholars who have been teaching the seminar since 1996. This past week was the first part of Denari's visit to the Knowlton School. In addition to leading the seminar with third year architecture graduate students, Denari gave a public lecture that is a part of the Baumer Fall 2015 Energies Lecture series. 

    During the seminar sessions, graduate students got the opportunity to ask questions about Neil's work, writing, practice and life. Denari presented a number of projects in addition to his lecture and gave students an inside look at his process as a designer, his teaching and an in depth look at his forthcoming monograph. 

    Students have been looking at Denari's work critically on a number of topics including color, graphics, domesticity, geometry and more. Students put together presentations about their research of specific topics to share with Neil that will culminate in a final research paper. Neil's professorship will be documented and developed into a volume for the school's Source Book in Architecture series.

    The next phase of Denari's time at the Knowlton School will consist of a design based seminar where the graduate students will use the knowledge and intel they gained from the previous sessions. The students will get the opportunity to speak and work with Denari in conjunction with Robert Somol (fellow educator and architectural theorist). 

    Denari and Somol will give a public lecture at the Knowlton School on October 13. 

    More information about the school and a full schedule of lectures can be found at Previous lectures can be viewed at

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  • Sarah Oppenheimer at the Knowlton School

    Meredith Garda
    Sep 22, '15 6:58 PM EST

    Last week at the Knowlton School, Sarah Oppenheimer, a visual artist based in New York City, gave students and faculty a look at her numerous projects that blur the boundaries between sculpture and architecture. Oppenheimer's work is largely based on the idea of apertures that both visually and... View full entry

  • David Eskenazi at the Knowlton School

    Dustin Page
    Apr 14, '15 5:21 PM EST

    This last week, the current Howard E. LeFevre '29 Emerging Practitioner Fellow at the Knowlton School presented a lecture wherein he divulged the work that has formed his architectural career, including his own work from school, the work of his current students, and of most recent importance, the... View full entry

  • Andrew Witt at the Knowlton School

    Dustin Page
    Mar 14, '15 5:54 PM EST

    Andrew Witt has relatively recently started a new firm called Certain Measures, where he is continuing his investigations from his time at Gehry Technologies and his ongoing studies with students at the Harvard GSD. More on the engineering side of the building spectrum, the work that he displayed... View full entry

  • Carlo Ratti at the Knowlton School

    Dustin Page
    Mar 8, '15 11:49 AM EST

    This past Wednesday, as the Mingle lecture series moves into the later half, Carlo Ratti came by the Knowlton School to lecture. Ratti, the Trott Distinguished Visiting Professor, practices in Italy, teaches at MIT, and works between architecture and engineering. The engineering aspect reveals... View full entry

  • Kristy Balliet Lectures

    Dustin Page
    Feb 22, '15 10:44 PM EST

    This past Wednesday, the Knowlton School’s own Kristy Balliet offered a glimpse into the progression of her work over the past few years to a packed audience. This lecture, titled “The Architectural Mingle,” was presented in two acts, first focusing on volume, then on parts. The scene which... View full entry

  • Tom Wiscombe at the Knowlton School

    Dustin Page
    Feb 10, '15 6:15 PM EST

    The Los Angeles based architect Tom Wiscombe, formerly of Coop Himmelb(l)au, spent the majority of the previous week at the Knowlton School. Here, he lectured as well as led a workshop titled "Involuted Figures and Black Holes." In the lecture, Tom described his work with the three-dimensional... View full entry

  • Daniel Barber at the Knowlton School

    Dustin Page
    Jan 27, '15 9:19 AM EST

    This past week, Daniel Barber of the University of Pennsylvania, College of Design lectured at the Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture. Daniel is an architectural historian and as he showed here, has a particular interest in the global environmental culture and the impact that this has on... View full entry

  • Benjamin Bratton Lecture

    Dustin Page
    Jan 19, '15 10:24 PM EST

    In the previous week, Benjamin Bratton of the University of California, San Diego visited the Knowlton School as the Baumer Distinguished Visiting Professor. Through the week, he held a series of seminars for the Third Year Graduate Architecture students, gave a lecture to the school as a whole... View full entry

  • Lecture - Forrest Meggers

    Dustin Page
    Nov 23, '14 1:06 PM EST

    On Wednesday, Forrest Meggers from the Princeton University School of Architecture gave a lecture at the Knowlton School. His focus is mainly on sustainable design within architecture, seeing this not as a hindrance or mere requirement as many architects do, but as a way of invigorating a project... View full entry

  • Lecture - Dora Epstein Jones

    Dustin Page
    Nov 10, '14 11:32 PM EST

    Dora Epstein Jones lectured this past Wednesday at the Knowlton School, presenting a lecture title "loaded". Dora, a professor of architecture at Sci-Arc, is an architectural historian, theorist, and critic, which becomes evident quickly when listening to her lecture. She started in a place... View full entry

  • Lecture - Preston Scott Cohen

    Dustin Page
    Nov 4, '14 5:08 PM EST

    Photo Credit: Phil ArnoldThe Knowlton School was fortunate enough to have Preston Scott Cohen as the Autumn 2014 Herbert Baumer Distinguished Visiting Professor which included two weekends worth of sessions with the third year Architecture Graduate students and concluded on Monday with a lecture... View full entry

  • Lecture - Ashley Schafer

    Dustin Page
    Nov 2, '14 12:42 PM EST

    This past Wednesday, one of our own, Ashley Schafer, lectured at the Knowlton School. Her talk focused on the United States Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale, which she was a co-curator of, along with Eva Franch i Gilabert and Ana Miljački. This Biennale, curated by Rem Koolhaas, was titled... View full entry

  • Lecture - Peter Eisenman

    Dustin Page
    Oct 20, '14 5:56 PM EST

    This past weekend, Peter Eisenman of Eisenman Architects presented a lecture at the Knowlton School titled "The Discipline of Architecture". Here, he addressed the state of architecture schools in relation to their past, specifically how his experience differed from what he sees in schools now. ... View full entry

  • Lecture - Elena Manferdini

    Dustin Page
    Oct 11, '14 4:56 PM EST

     Elena Manferdini of Atelier Manferdini made a visit to the Knowlton School this past Wednesday, showcasing a work of fun and playful design, especially in the form of installation. This Graduate Thesis Coordinator from Sci-Arc inspires further exploration into surface and the boundary between... View full entry

  • Lecture - John Peterson

    Dustin Page
    Oct 4, '14 7:10 PM EST

    From San Francisco, John Peterson of Public Architecture lectured this past Wednesday, focusing on the designers' obligation to the community and society. Not just that as a designer, there must be a mindset always present of making the place around us better, but that you must actively be looking... View full entry

  • Lecture - Jim Diers

    Dustin Page
    Sep 18, '14 10:31 PM EST

    Jim Diers of lectured at the Knowlton School this past Wednesday. He was off to a shotgun start as he animatedly began to cross back and forth in front of an attentive audience. Soon, with full engagement, he threw up a series of slides stating that the democracy, the economy... View full entry

  • Lecture - Casey Reas

    Dustin Page
    Sep 8, '14 10:14 AM EST

    This semester in the Knowlton School, the lecture series, led by Kristy Balliet, is titled Twist. These lectures focus on reaching outside of a known, comfortable position within a discipline to others which may not usually be associated, but can provide an interesting new take on ideas. Here... View full entry

  • Exit Reviews and the Final MArch Semester

    By RMartz
    Apr 18, '14 1:09 PM EST

    Welcome back everyone. Here at Knowlton the culmination of Master of Architecture program is the Exit Review, seems intimidating right? Well yes, but also incredibly useful. Materially the Exit Review is a 30-45 minute public presentation about a topic of our choosing. What makes the process... View full entry

  • 'Bigger Darby' Exhibition

    By onetwelveksa
    Apr 11, '14 5:20 PM EST

     Abstract:Bigger Darby is a land use proposal for the 84 square mile territory governed by Big Darby Accord in Central Ohio. The Big Darby Accord, adopted in the mid-2000s, unites public and private interests to improve watershed protection and provides a framework for future development... View full entry

  • Lecture - Michel Desvigne

    By RMartz
    Mar 31, '14 1:02 PM EST

    CreditWelcome back everyone. On Wednesday, March 26th Landscape Architect Michel Desvigne gave a lecture titled Intermediate Natures. The lecture wrapped up a series of previous visits in association with his role as this year’s Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professor. The Glimcher... View full entry

  • Et in Suburbia Ego: José Oubrerie's Miller House

    By onetwelveksa
    Mar 29, '14 12:19 PM EST

    José Oubrerie's Miller House stands as the architect's most notable work in the United States. On Wednesday, March 19, the Knowlton School hosted a panel discussion about Et in Suburbia Ego: José Oubrerie's Miller House. Kristy Balliet, Assistant Professor of Architecture, introduced the panel... View full entry

  • Lecture - Herman Hertzberger

    By RMartz
    Mar 24, '14 2:15 PM EST

    CreditWelcome back everyone. I apologize about the delay, but more importantly let us get right to it; our lecture courtesy of Herman Hertzberger. His goal with lecture was seemingly simple, “Why Architecture?”, “Why am I doing all this?”. He admitted that sometimes he doesn’t know... View full entry

  • Lecture - June Manning Thomas

    By RMartz
    Mar 3, '14 10:17 AM EST

    CreditWelcome back everyone. On Wednesday June Manning Thomas came down from “the state up North”, the University of Michigan (we have actually have strong ties there through the Possible Mediums conference among other things). June has researched and written extensively on planning history... View full entry

  • Choreographed Behaviours Workshop

    By onetwelveksa
    Feb 27, '14 10:41 PM EST

    Photo Credit: Phil ArnoldThis previous weekend, Ivan Bernal of Xefirotarch, with the assistance of Justin Diles, an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the Knowlton School of Architecture, led a workshop that culminated in a final presentation on Monday the 24th. The intent of the workshop was... View full entry

  • Lecture - Neil Denari

    By RMartz
    Feb 25, '14 6:10 PM EST

    CreditWelcome back everyone. This past Wednesday Neal Denari, the architect and UCLA professor, came to give his lecture titled “Reality Distortion Field”. The lecture was overall addressing ideas of real vs. not and distorting this perception. This took a few different tracks. One was... View full entry

  • One:Twelve Issue 007 Release

    By onetwelveksa
    Feb 16, '14 4:35 PM EST

    One:Twelve, The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture (KSA) student journal, released Issue 007 last Wednesday (February 5th). Issue 007 is unique, being the first Issue to have a topic: “Black and White”. The content varies from an interview with Professor... View full entry

  • Glimcher Session with Michel Desvigne

    By onetwelveksa
    Feb 15, '14 8:51 PM EST

    Earlier this month Knowlton was visited by Michel Desvigne, a noted landscape architect and the 2014 Glimcher Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Knowlton School of Architecture. He is known for his attention to detail and small scale development amongst large scale... View full entry

  • Lecture - Ann Hamilton

    By RMartz
    Feb 11, '14 3:26 PM EST

    CreditWelcome back everyone. We had an excellent lecture this past week with our own Ann Hamilton; a full house. Ann is an artist known for her immersive environments and large interventions, the focus of our evening talk. “Proactive, prolific, and influential”, Ann’s studio is... View full entry

  • KSA Fashion Schau

    By onetwelveksa
    Jan 31, '14 10:11 PM EST

    Knowlton was transformed last friday (1/24) for the 3rd annual KSA Fashion Schau hosted by Servitecture. Fourteen designers competed for the coveted 36-inch golden T-square. (And the smaller silver and bronze T-squares, who could forget about those?) The theme of the event was silhouette, and, in... View full entry

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