Gibrann Ruiz

Gibrann Ruiz

Chicago, IL, US


Urban Terrace

Interiorizing terraces to bring quality to living spaces. The use of terraces can help better define the boundary of a housing unit. The terrace can become the catalyst of activities, where the boundaries of living spaces blur with the outside/inside terrace.

A hybrid terrace does not serve only the purpose of exterior activities, but instead brings the ideas and activities of a terrace inside the unit. By doing this the boundaries of the unit programs are blurred and special condition can emerge in a unit.

The ground floor carves into the fabric of the city, by creating a void in the center of the site. By doing this, the void creates intercommunication among the different commercial spaces arranged along this void. This play between outside/inside is reinforced by the bevel geometry surrounding the void

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Additional Credits: Software:
Autodesk Revit & Adobe Creative Suite