Gibrann Ruiz

Gibrann Ruiz

Chicago, IL, US


Bridge City

Visionary Chicago
Bridge city tries to understand the characteristics, differences , and similitudes of programs. Its purpose is to combine activities from one building to another, while creating a new environment in the bridge itself . Bridging buildings with one another would create and urbanistic interconnectivity, a network of programs interacting among each other and protecting its integrity to create new moments where hybrid conditions define specific spaces. This new vision of Chicago merges individualistic buildings among themselves to crate new spaces that challenge the everyday commonness of users.

This project seeks to create special environments among two or more programs with the utilization of bridging techniques. The project constitutes an Art Museum, where users can live, learn, and play with art. Bridge City can be then constituted as an Art machine, where all the art is produced, analyzed, and processed by users.

A catalog of shapes was designed to interact with a different set of connections. Each of the connections offered programs a different feeling of connectivity to speed-up, slow-down, or meander through a space.

Each program was designed with a distinctive utopian environment. Each utopian environment was physically modeled and later translated into a 2-D representation, where the activities of the programs offer transitions from program to program. These transitions where emphasized utilizing bridge connections spaces.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Additional Credits: Instructor:
Alexander Eisenschmidt