Gibrann Ruiz

Gibrann Ruiz

Chicago, IL, US



This project disects the understanding of building systems. Their main fuction and the posibilities in the realm of construction practices play an important role on the design notions. As a result, it adheres to the ADA building standards specifications but brakes free from the cookie-cutter models of industrial mass production

Facade Design
The design of the facade helps to aerodynamically disperse the wind currents and optimally bring sunlight inside

Two circulation cores in the north and south part of the building reconfigure circulation throughout the entire building

Mechanical Systems
The mechanical systems are attached to the circulation cores to provide optimal distribution all the floors

ADA Standards
Common areas are designed following the ADA guidelines to provide users with maximum comfort environments.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Additional Credits: Instructor(s):
Andrew Moddrell
Grant Gibson