Gibrann Ruiz

Gibrann Ruiz

Chicago, IL, US


Office [Park]

What is really comming?
Our work environment can be a catalyst of atmospheres where production and recreation are in a state of constant evolution. Can our corporate work force move from the notion of working at the office, and relaxing at the park? This integration of both systems can eliminate the necessity of mobile offices.

This project analyzes the difference between the a park and an office environment that are modified by energies control. On the one hand, the Energies at the park are modified by the intensity of each specific energy, as a result these are not controlled by the environment itself but rather the intensity of the energy. On the other hand the Energies in the office are controlled by the environment, and the intensification of such energies.

This integration of both systems can eliminate the necessity of mobile offices. For example, an office where people are separated from interaction by cubicles, where one is being forced to do work facing at a computer most of the time. It is in that space, where enclosed by boundaries, that shape our inability to efficiently work and constantly communicate with the current developments of our work. Would the intervention of a new architecture that recreates boundaries of work, to implicitly create interaction among the workers and explicitly change the way humans interact with computers, change the office environment? Having a neutral corporate office environment, where new spaces are recreated not by the space itself, but by the numbers of people who want to work in that space. A space where sensation of it is heightens by the human density of the `

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Additional Credits: Instructor:
Sean Lally