What's the next architecture-related outrage going to be?

We had the Parametricism Smackdown, then a bunch of us yelling "FOLK MoMA!", now Geoff Manaugh's shocking and blisteringly funny Gehry attack to make us all angry.

So what's on for next week? What's the scandalous news story that will lead to gnashing of teeth and pounding of keyboards across the land of the 'nect? 

Feb 17, 14 8:25 pm

Parametricism is an outrage because it's a bullshit pseudo-intellectual marketing ploy propagated by someone in a position to actually do something real and good. MOMA is an outrage not only because of its lack of sensitivity but also because it is a reflection of cultural values in which self-worth is determined by financial wealth and the ability to do anything one wants. The article about Gary was outrageous because it's a fluff piece that ignores the very real problems with his work and as such is a complete disservice to the profession. How about some critical thought and analysis? Nah, let's just go for some controversy.

For me the real outrage is the death of hundreds of migrant slave laborers on the construction of the World Cup project in Qatar.

Feb 17, 14 8:54 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

you have time Donna to submit...

"Thresholds 43: Scandalous seeks to investigate the relevance of scandal in creative practice. "

Feb 17, 14 9:21 pm

Shocking, blisteringly funny, angry? You got to be kidding! More like a gleeful window of opportunity.

If I called out ever instance of pitiful humor or petting-zooitis here at archinect forum, would that turn out to be outrageous?

Feb 17, 14 10:03 pm

At the rate MoMA's going I'd be surprised if we're not talking about them blowing up the NYC Guggenheim at some point in the near future.

Feb 17, 14 10:26 pm

I think (or at least hope) someone famous is going to get sued for illegal IC status workers.

Feb 17, 14 10:58 pm

If I called out ever instance of pitiful humor or petting-zooitis here at archinect forum, would that turn out to be outrageous?

Speaking of which, whatever happened to observant and tammuz?

Feb 17, 14 11:19 pm

They got married and are on honeymoon in Texas.    

Feb 17, 14 11:28 pm

the next architecture related outrage: THAT's something to aspire to...

Feb 18, 14 7:25 am

Isn't it whatever subject you all decide?  Afterall, these kerfuffles seem to arise when someone states an opinion contrary to the group think here.

Feb 18, 14 8:46 am

Chris, that Thresholds looks great!! I just may have to submit something....

The use of slave labor should definitely be investigated and highlighted more.  Closer to home, I'd like to see a high-profile firm be not just called out but legally charged for using unpaid labor.  As far as I know Eisenman is *still* among the most egregious violators of DoL requirements for unpaid interns, but I could be misinformed - perhaps he's changed his ways in that area.

It would be interesting if a state were to go ahead with the suggestion made during the recent AIA Emerging Professionals Summit to allow the use of the title architect upon graduation from an accredited program, with Registered Architect being the legal status gained upon passing exams and licensure. I am sure even the *suggestion* by a state to do so would lead to MUCH gnashing of teeth here...

Maybe it will just be the governor of Colorado being charged with racketeering? Yea, doubt it.

Feb 18, 14 9:32 am

lol at group think

i thought the gehry outrage was about an otherwise respected journalist turning into a troll so he could attract attention to himself.

i'm sure there are still lots of scandals.  we haven't gotten into the sochi double-toilet design.  can we put 2 toilets in accessible stalls?

Feb 18, 14 9:33 am

We could discuss the massive spending for the Olympics. I think only the 1992 Barcelona Olympics have shown a net benefit to the host city in modern times. In Barcelona's case the redevelopment of the waterfront and building of a needed marina has added much to the city. The Barcelona Olympic stadium is also frequently used for concerts and athletic events. In Beijing the "birds nest" stadium, which cost US 500 million to build, still costs 11 million in maintenance costs and sits pretty much empty. Other Beijing venues have fallen into ruin.

Feb 18, 14 9:41 am

^ Just another pump and dump, take the money and run. What boggles the mind is that Japan is putting billions into the 2020 olympics instead of Fukushima.

Feb 18, 14 9:58 am

What you say is true. Still, watching the 1992 Barcelona Olympics made me want to visit that city and area. The Barcelona stadium was originally built in 1927 and updated several times since then. It was updated again for the the games. It has been in constant use since then, while the purpose-built Herzog and de Meuron Beijing stadium sits empty. Just a curious turn of events. Also in watching the London Olympics I was wondering if they could complete the competitions before the buildings sank in the ooze along the Thames where they were built.

Feb 18, 14 10:55 am

I'm outraged at the outrage!

My criticism of the Gehry thing was that it was all contrived, insincere. These kind of bloggy snarky pieces have replaced thoughtful critique.

“Let me tell you what it is about magazines: they always be trying to pit niggas against each other. That ain’t going down anymore. We love Drake. If anything, we are going to go after those motherfuckers and their negativity, because before they print shit like that, they need to check with me and him to see if it’s OK before they get ran up in their motherfuckin office.So every media outlet, I don’t care who you are. Don’t play yourself. Respect as such..... All you writers....respect it as such. Because when we’re standing face to face, you know who you’re talking at. You know you see me as a Gemini creator of 2014.”

-Kanye, apparently the foremost architectural mind according to the b.s. design media. 

Feb 18, 14 10:56 am

^ ^ I believe Vancouver has successfully integrated almost everything from the 2010 Olympics into the regular day-to-day city. A lot of infrastructure was implemented that was heavily needed, most of the main stadiums were already built and simply needed updating, the ski hills needed upgraded systems, and the housing for the athlete's village was designed to be easily retro-fitted into apartments afterwards if I'm not mistaken.

Feb 18, 14 11:29 am

Not sure about Vancouver, hope it is true. I have a friend in Montreal who told me a few years ago that they are still paying off the debt for the summer Olympics held in 1976. FWIW Montreal and Vancouver are two of my very favorite cities.

Feb 18, 14 11:47 am

Ask Greece about their Olympics.  Think it had a big part in bankrupting the Country.

Feb 18, 14 12:28 pm

Winner take all

Apple rumor to buy Tesla?

New Apple Tesla Factory? 

Google's moon shot ?

Someones gotta design the new space port at Moffet field

Feb 18, 14 12:34 pm

In the future, some world organization will survey every person on the planet with the question:

Outside of your own profession (if you have one), what profession is most effective at and/or most capable of improving your life?

After the results are published, architects the world over are outraged that their profession was never mentioned, not even once.

Feb 18, 14 1:54 pm
won and done williams

Hahahaha, even hedge fund managers were able to garner a few thousand votes.

Feb 18, 14 2:57 pm

I know! And how 'bout the toss-up between plastic surgeons and wig shop propriators?!?

Feb 18, 14 4:00 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

Once I change my first name to Frank, still debating the middle initial L. or O., I too will become an artist. Quondom where does the artist rank?

Feb 18, 14 8:13 pm

I think because of Six Degrees of Separartion, artists ranked outrageously high among second-graders. "Matisses, every one of them."

Feb 18, 14 10:19 pm
vado retro

it will have something to do with manhattan millionaire twentysomething interior designers not caring if they wear sweats to Barney's. Shocking.

Feb 19, 14 1:25 pm

Princeton University announced that it was removing Meg Whitman's name from one of it's "residential colleges " (dorms) because of credible rape accusations against her son, Griffin Harsh V, while he was enrolled there. The 'college gothic' style dorm was recently completed at a cost of a bazillion dollars donated mostly by Whitman.

Feb 19, 14 2:57 pm

quite the good conversation on Twitter this AM re; the latest outrage/quote from Zaha Hadid see here for a taste

Feb 26, 14 10:43 am

Twitter is an outrage.

Feb 26, 14 11:10 am

I think one outrage that is evident will happen in about 20-30 years when all these parametric facades get rusty and look outdated.

Feb 26, 14 12:15 pm

Zaha Hadid can't be concerned with construction deaths of people building her absurd stadium? What a pig.

Feb 26, 14 12:58 pm

The next outrage?

Kanye West being denied an architectural license.

Feb 26, 14 1:20 pm

mcwaters, your argument is about as strong as saying any building that leaks is inherently bad, which any building does regardless of form.  

historical and contemporary rectangular shaped buildings with conventional details require huge investments to make them energy efficient and comfortable in terms of heating/cooling, acoustics, and day lighting.  furthermore all buildings require maintenance. brick requires repointing, cast iron facades rust and require replacement.  hideous EIFS panels rot because architects can't detail them or contractors can't build them correctly.  modernist era glass facades can be renovated like the lever building in nyc.  wood shingles on salt box style residences rot and require constant repainting and replacement. 

if you don't like "parametric" facades just say so.  but those can also be upgraded, repaired, and replaced.  if it costs more (another specious argument) or requires specialty construction knowledge than so be it.  sounds like an interesting and profitable job opportunity to me. 

Feb 26, 14 2:19 pm

>>>my attack to the absurd-inappropriate "Door for Venice" by Mauro Galantino

Mar 1, 14 10:43 am

"The great beauty"?


"Door for Venice" by Mauro Galantino

Mar 3, 14 2:17 pm
Olaf Design Ninja_

The brick

Mar 3, 14 6:35 pm

Either the cost of architectural education, or the number of "Which Graduate School Should I Attend" threads on Archinect.

Mar 4, 14 6:31 am

Ah Shit the Brick  is not making a come back, is it.  We should just start using sponges in lieu of bricks with all the potential for things going wrong.

Union Brick Layers

No base flashing  or the wrong kind of base flashing

No mortar net

No Weep holes or worse yet plugged weep holes

Bad Brick

Bad mortar

bad mixing of mortar

least  I go on.

Mar 4, 14 9:45 am

B3, It is like looking at gleeful, happy, debt-free young adults rave on about which deck of the Titanic they have just booked passage. All aboard!

Mar 4, 14 10:19 am
Olaf Design Ninja_

sponges are good waterproofing, no?

Mar 4, 14 11:39 am

Preventing migrant deaths at Qatar stadium site

"not my duty as an architect" says Zaha Hadid

Asked if she was concerned about the deaths, Hadid commented: "Yes, but I'm more concerned about the deaths in Iraq....."

.....and the link here is what ?

We would do well to remember that some of the great architectural wonders would never have been built without the blood of the proletariat. It a good job their blood can be easily rinsed from ones hands at practical completion.

Mar 5, 14 11:10 am

BOTS, i kind of thought about that more than i care to admit.

if she's talking about deaths in iraq due to war, sectarian violence, religious intolerance, power struggles in a political vacuum, etc., then i would think that would be just as much outside of her duty as an architect, if not moreso since her firm has firmly declared they exist outside of politics.

if she's talking about deaths in iraq due to lack of construction site safety regulation though, i think she's on to something.  she really could use her position to advocate regulation similar to OSHA in other countries, and for workers to be able to organize in such a way to advocate those safety regulations themselves.

Mar 5, 14 12:51 pm

Zaha is a fart in a windstorm. Even her soapbox issue - discrimination against women in architecture - is utterly ignored in her practice. Just look at the predominently male staff at her firm. Her failure to use her position for anything other than self-advancement is both typical and disappointing. 

Mar 5, 14 1:22 pm

Miles.....da Diva....likes having all the Boy Toys  hanging on every word... She I like Hugh Hefner....she even wears ascots...

Mar 5, 14 5:08 pm

The cartoons in this article are excellent: Architect Mag's Best Architecture Feuds of 2014.

Dec 31, 14 2:17 pm

rick+roll is being censored on archinect. I'm outraged!

Dec 31, 14 4:33 pm

When architectural licensing laws are repealed.... maybe. Would that be an outrage or a party?

Dec 31, 14 6:29 pm

A one-line Balkins post? I'm floored, and don't know whether to consider it an outrage or have a party.

I'll go with party. Happy New Year, Richard!

Dec 31, 14 7:39 pm

You too, Miles

Dec 31, 14 7:50 pm

this is the best of all possible worlds, supposedly

Dec 31, 14 9:15 pm

Yo Momma!

Jan 1, 15 1:34 am

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