Mir-Hossein Mousavi an architect


this is what I'm talking about:

it's in farsi, but allegedly it is a highly confidential letter to the supreme leader from the interior ministry saying effectively, "we kept ahmadinejad in power, but here are the real totals"

mousavi first with a majority, ahmadinejad is shown in 3rd.

now. how to verify...

I have a higher res copy. is there a way to post a pic if it's not online?

Jun 17, 09 6:04 pm  · 

and of course, there is skepticism about the letter:

Jun 17, 09 6:43 pm  · 

this is what i just received from an iranian friend.


Human beings are members of a whole,

In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you have no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain.

- Saadi

This week Iranians turned out in record numbers not seen since the beginning of the Iranian revolution to change their current President Mahmood Ahmadinejad.

Their willingness to exercise their democratic right was both historic and uncommon in the Middle East. Iranians longed for change the same way people in the United States, and indeed worldwide, longed for a new beginning after the Bush years. They were tired of an increasingly delusional President who has thrown their country into economic turmoil and portrayed their country as a conflict seeking entity in the Middle East.

But today the same Iranian regime that has denied a dialogue with the world, denied human rights, denied democracy, denied the Holocaust, is blatantly denying the will of its people by committing massive election fraud to reelect Mahmood Ahmadinejad, and arresting journalists and opposition leaders in broad daylight.

Accepting this deception will be costly not only for the people of Iran but also for the people of the Middle East, with far reaching consequences worldwide.

As you read these words, the people in Iran have taken to the streets in nationwide protests. Despite brutal government suppression tactics the Iranian people are courageously fighting for their rights. As antiriot police batons crush the bones of demonstrators whose only protest is election fraud, Iranians are screaming for the world to hear them: WE DENOUNCE MAHMOOD AHMADINEJAD!

The people of Iran now ask for your support!

We do not expect you to fight our struggle but to help us fight it. We expect people worldwide to put pressure on their governments and politicians not to accept the legitimacy of the Iranian elections and the fraudulent presidency of Mahmood Ahmadinejad. Democratic societies worldwide must not leave the Iranian people alone now that they have risen to the challenge. Instead they need to align their policies with the will of the Iranian people.

Friends, we ask you not to let 70 million people in Iran be taken hostage. Any government that accepts Mahmood Ahmadinejad as the new president of Iran has betrayed the Iranian people, endangered world peace, and has no sympathy for human pain.

Iranian Artists in Exile

Jun 17, 09 7:07 pm  · 

It is a shame Mousavi didn't win, I don't really know what the Grand Ayatollah wants that Mousavi wouldn't provide, if this was really a rigged election.

Jun 17, 09 7:26 pm  · 

best blog I've found so far for keep up to date:

Jun 17, 09 7:42 pm  · 
Living in Gin

I agree about Andrew Sullivan. I hope he gets a Pulitzer for this.

I just got back from Union Square, and here's a few pics I took. Sorry for the poor picture quality... I bought a brand-new digital camera yesterday, but of course, I left it at home this morning. So these are from my iPhone.

Have I mentioned how incredibly beautiful Persian women are?

Peace out.

Hang in there, nomadzilla. The world is watching.

Jun 17, 09 10:24 pm  · 

iranian girls are fit.

Jun 17, 09 10:35 pm  · 

why isnt the world making as much fuss about Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Catalonia, Aborigany Australia ... etc. etc....

Jun 17, 09 10:37 pm  · 

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Jun 17, 09 11:50 pm  · 

............why isnt the world making as much fuss about Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Catalonia, Aborigany Australia ... etc. etc..

Jun 18, 09 12:17 am  · 

....... no seriously why isnt the world making a fuss out of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Catalonia, Aborigany Australia ... etc. etc.. ...

Jun 18, 09 1:11 am  · 

Because we all hate those countries and love Iran?

Jun 18, 09 8:03 am  · 

Really Moses? Is Catalonia really a big issue? Aboriginal communities in Australia have their problems, just like most other indigenous populations, but nothing crazy. Iran is in a whole other ballpark.

Jun 18, 09 9:37 am  · 

Fox news certainly isn't pro-Palestinian!

BBC, they have their question marks but it's leagues ahead any US-media outlet by a longshot.

Jun 18, 09 9:50 am  · 

id just like to wish everyone over there the best. Tomorrow sounds like it could potentially be a pivotal day, I just pray for everyone that there is a new election and everything moves forward as peacefully as possible.

Stay safe. Everyone is in awe of you guys.

Jun 18, 09 8:07 pm  · 

Really Maxpower? Is Saudi Arabic a big issue? and Mubarak's dictatorship in Egypt ? Really maxpower? ... oh yeah, and what is so crazy about Iran that Aboriginal communities don't deal with?

sounds like ignorance to me...

again what about Saudi Arabia,... maxpower?

Jun 18, 09 8:37 pm  · 
Living in Gin

Oh knock it off, Moses. Want to talk about human rights in other countries? Fine, start a new thread. Many people here care passionately about human rights worldwide, and you'll probably get a robust discussion. But this thread is about the situation in Iran. Stop trying to hijack it.

Jun 18, 09 8:53 pm  · 

LiG,... if you dont like the fact of qeustioning this situation in Iran, than keep it shtuum... Bringing up saudi arabia, and the fact that it hasnt been touched by media ?! ... goes to question the validity of the situation in iran...

... this isn't some sort of trend, all hippies and trendies are meant to follow and tweet "Where with you Iran" and the rest of that type of bullshit.

just because no ones going along with that trend your media. doesn't mean you got the right to tell me to stop questioning the situation.

Jun 18, 09 8:57 pm  · 

the venezualian coup in 2002 looks similar:-

Jun 18, 09 9:01 pm  · 

The crap thats happening in iran, is an attempt at putting Iran in the ALLIGNED MOVEMENT..




Jun 18, 09 9:05 pm  · 

moses, sounds like you don't know the first thing about aboriginal communities OR australia for that matter. saudi arabia and egypt did not just have an election where the results appear to have been skewed. there are problems in many countries, but events are unfolding by the minute in iran, that is why people care.

whatever, you basically discredited yourself when you started talking about zionist conspiracies.

Jun 18, 09 9:12 pm  · 

uh, do you know what zionism is..?

do you think zionism is about aliens..? jajaja jesus christ who would have thought a bunch of architects ....

Jun 18, 09 9:24 pm  · 

oh, so you mean it's not scientology? thanks for clearing that up.

Jun 18, 09 9:33 pm  · 

"what about saudi arabia?" is not an insightful line of inquiry into iran.

mousavi is hardly a western fellator, so their alignment status is unlikely to change regardless of who takes the presidency.

this is not a general discussion about human rights and their abuse. it's about events unfolding as we type, an inspiring display of collective political will, done with integrity, and unprecedented use of technology to bypass state lockdown. it's a bit of a master class in democracy in the 21st century, put on by what up till now had been endlessly paraded as a den of evil. the biggest inversion to come out of this won't be in the domestic politics of iran, but in the perception of iran in the world.

the spotlight is on iran now. it'll shift elsewhere soon enough. if you are uncomfortable with that for some reason, don't watch, but the rest of us would rather not be distracted.

Jun 18, 09 9:39 pm  · 

well "what about saudi arabia" is an insightful line of inquiry into Iran.... becuase it validates this whole media campaign.... If one country thats is 100000000000 times more hardlined than iran, ... and dont get me started in DEMOCRACY in SAUDI ARABIA.... doesnt get the same amount of Propaganda, why is IRAN?

see.... it than goes to show why saudi arabia doesnt and iran does... it further goes to show, just becuase : -

Iran is against Zionism ... it gets the propaganda

Suadi Arabia neatrol on Zionist ..... it doesnt get the propaganda....

Now stop Tweeting "Democracy in Iran Now" .... and turn off the crap on TV... and look at the wider picture.

Jun 18, 09 9:55 pm  · 

you earlier tried to reduce global geopolitics to a single family and their banks. which one of us has a tendency toward disturbingly simple "wider pictures" has already been made clear.

Jun 18, 09 9:59 pm  · 

dont steer away from the points im putting to you by completly bringing something from some where else...

just becuase you can't answer the question...

Saudi Arabis doesn't get any Media attention (Zionism accepted)

Iran gets the whole lot (Zionism not accepted)...

again, look at the whole picture before you self-indulge into hippy like politics.

Jun 18, 09 10:04 pm  · 

Look moses. This is what I was trying to say. The second you say Zionism the first thing that pops into everyones head is the protocols of the elders of zion, a steaming pile of racist horseshit, and theyre all gonna stop listening to you. Theres for sure an alignment of western geopolitical interests, but its got fuck-all to do with Israel or with Jewish banks.

I actually do care a great deal about Saudi Arabia and Australia. And Im no great supporter of Israels behavior in the last half a century either. But the reason they get a by has more to do with airbases and whos selling cheap oil and minerals than it does with who believes in what book.

Jun 18, 09 10:06 pm  · 

@oe... i agree with absolutly everything you are saying...

but just becuase the word Zion is included in the title of a hateful book "Elders of Zion" ... it doesnt mean Zionism is not accountable for its destruction its doing...

as far as i can see, someone who thinks of elders of zion when the word Zionism comes up, just seems like they're Fox News watches, and is completly naive..

Jun 18, 09 10:10 pm  · 

But you understand what im saying right? Youre referring to it like its some central conspiracy of western geopolitics, and it just isnt. For sure the Fox news people are a bunch of ignorant fuckwads, but for most people in the US and even most policy makers Israels hardliners have become something of an embarrassing liability at this point.

Jun 18, 09 10:28 pm  · 

(ok, let's go back to inquiry 101. questions have the following format:)

Do you think there are any other relevant variables, or is everything reducible to its relationship to zionism?

Jun 18, 09 10:32 pm  · 

AIPAC says it all...


$3 Billion US dollars goes to Israel per year... more than any other country in the entire world.. including African aid..

thats just a little abit of the FACTS, ... that contribute to what you might think is a conspiracu

Jun 18, 09 10:37 pm  · 

@subtect, jesus christ almight:-

Saudi Arabis doesn't get any Media attention (Zionism accepted)

Iran gets the whole lot (Zionism not accepted)...

it really is difficult debating withsomeone who knows nothing about the area.

Jun 18, 09 10:38 pm  · 

seriously this topic is getting boring, becuase im having to repeat what im saying just becuase... certiain people are lacking in the education required for this debate.

Jun 18, 09 10:39 pm  · 

again. you forgot to include a question.

if you were less concerned with patting yourself on the back for "seeing through it all" and venting anger, you might start to get a small sense of what I know and don't know.

Jun 18, 09 10:42 pm  · 

@subtect: oh god, he turns it into an ego fest, just becuase he cant tackle the speculation.

- Saudi Arabis doesn't get any Media attention (Zionism accepted)
- Iran gets the whole lot (Zionism not accepted)...


- $3 Billion US dollars goes to Israel per year... more than any other country in the entire world.. including African aid..

Jun 18, 09 10:45 pm  · 
Living in Gin

Copying and pasting the same shit you've already posted doesn't make your argument any stronger.

Jun 18, 09 10:54 pm  · 

LiG ,, exactly and what arguemt have you got?

Jun 18, 09 10:57 pm  · 

whether or not i pased it 10000 times. it wouldnt make a difference to you would it ,.... becuase it goes to show... its just another bullshit media event, that everyones meant to fashionly follow...

you dont like what im saying the dont respond and wait for this boring topic to die out.

Jun 18, 09 10:58 pm  · 


well, at least you got the punctuation right... no, it is not a democracy. nice question.

3 billion in u.s. aid is your best soundbite to make this case? who needs to read a bit more!?

no one is denying that israel, it's actions, it's relationship to the u.s., to u.s. media (and others), the financial sector, information technology, weapons development, etc. is particularly complex, of moral interest, and in need of more attention at this point in history. but right now everybody that's on that team is wishing you weren't. it's not your questions -- it's the simplistic reductions and your vitriol.

please do get bored with this thread and start another of your liking, so that this one can talk about iran.

Jun 18, 09 11:10 pm  · 

ok if youre not going to get bored than fine.

Fobbing off facts, as being Soundbites... just becuase it grinds on the patriotism of america is .....

well i think the point has gotten through, its just that no one likes it. so it hurts..

A common equation of Saudi Arabia not getting the same treatment, should be able to GET INTO THICK HEADS... that dont understand... but its patriotism that orders ignorance.. and its ignorance that got a donkey elected for 8 years... nothing changes.

Jun 18, 09 11:24 pm  · 

awhh, come on, don't walk away pouting like that...

here's a question that might help clarify the point you're butchering:

do you think that, if in saudi arabia there were a popular uprising protesting against the nutjob royal family's "government", that it would not be covered sympathetically in the u.s. media because the saudi king falls into the "u.s. protected oppressors club" (membership being based solely on stance toward zionism, of course)?

Jun 18, 09 11:58 pm  · 

@subtect - hahaha, you'd realise the self-conflictary statement you just made.. your the one who needs to walk away, oh god.

Was there a popular upraising with Saddam Hussain? He got attacked becuase he was thought of building a nuclear bomb against Israel, and threated Israel to stop land grabbing palestine.. He got sanctioned...

You dont have the faintest of clues.

Yet there was no popular uprising with Saddam Hussein, (people chanted his name in fear) and het got attacked SO WHY NOT SAUDI ARABIA? ..

Did like Saddam, Saudi threaten the Zionist country?

nope. even though both were the same dictarship...

realise please.

Jun 19, 09 12:11 am  · 

It really is funny how for your own pride and survival, the circumstances are that, they have you defending zionism, for the survival of your own ego.

Jun 19, 09 12:13 am  · 

Jesus fucking christ moses. Saudi Arabia gets away with it cause theyre sitting on a quarter of the worlds oil. Youre chasing fucking ghosts man. Aipac is important because florida is a swing state with a lot of old retired jewish people who vote 97% of the time. Thats really it.

Jun 19, 09 1:51 am  · 

oh yeah and its the 97% of florida that giving Israel $3 billion a year... anyway, ill leave it at that, becuase i could go on for ever.

Jun 19, 09 1:53 am  · 

No no no. Its like a tiny proportion of people from florida happen to be jewish and happen to care about aipac. They happen though also to vote 97% of the time, unlike most other demographic groups, so they become a disproportionately strong swing vote in presidential elections. Frightening as it is, in US expenditures terms, 3 billion isnt really even all that much. Thats 1-1/2 B2 bombers.

Jun 19, 09 3:34 am  · 

$3 Billion is actually quite alot, especially when its the highest in all aid, given to any other country on the globe. lest i speak of the recession too.

Jun 19, 09 3:49 am  · 

jesus christ.... do you not realize that this guy is a flat out troll?

I spent a year on 4chan... this dude is mopping it up.

Jun 19, 09 3:58 am  · 

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