ARCH DL IV: FXFOWLE vs. Konyk ~ live coverage


Live coverage provided by Aaron Plewke

The Battlefield

Jan 29, 08 8:19 pm

Team Konyk . David and Sean

Jan 29, 08 8:22 pm




[rock and roll part 2 starts here]

Jan 29, 08 8:24 pm

Team FXFowle . Paul and James

Jan 29, 08 8:36 pm

hahahahahahahahaha. it's like the mac vs pc commercials except in this case the pc is played by bob and doug mckenzie.

Jan 29, 08 8:45 pm
liberty bell

Great white north. And the other guys look like surfers.

Love that you are covering this, AP! I'll tune in between prepping for PechaKucha, which is due tomorrow yikes!!

Jan 29, 08 8:59 pm

Is there going to be a podcast by any chance?

Jan 29, 08 9:02 pm

Wish you were here

Jan 29, 08 9:12 pm

The brief: Alaskan Wildlife and research center

Jan 29, 08 9:32 pm
liberty bell

Hello you beautiful people! (And I mean the kind of beauty that is far more than skin-deep!)

Jan 29, 08 9:37 pm

Round one. Sketching / planning

Jan 29, 08 9:37 pm
liberty bell

What are the building materials tonight, do we know yet?

Jan 29, 08 9:38 pm

Round one. Sketching / planning

Jan 29, 08 9:42 pm


Jan 29, 08 10:11 pm

Oh man, wish I was there...

Jan 29, 08 10:16 pm

Round two. Model building. Team Konyk

Jan 29, 08 10:27 pm

Round two. Model building. Team Konyk

Jan 29, 08 10:29 pm

Round two. Model building. Team FXFowle

Jan 29, 08 10:31 pm

Round two. Model building. Team FXFowle

Jan 29, 08 10:36 pm

Team FXFowle making progress

Jan 29, 08 11:05 pm

The mystery model building material is straws. That's right. Straws. Each team was also given Swedish fish, but neither seems to be using them. One spectator, Michael Kubo, points out that team konyk has already begun "plating."

Jan 29, 08 11:13 pm

according to the applause poll konyk is the crowd favorite.

Jan 29, 08 11:13 pm

what is this?

Jan 29, 08 11:25 pm

Team Konyk

Jan 29, 08 11:42 pm

Action from above. 15 minutes left.

Jan 29, 08 11:44 pm

Lumberjack and woodland critters

Jan 29, 08 11:46 pm

Team fxfowle

Jan 29, 08 11:48 pm

Team konyk

Jan 29, 08 11:49 pm


Jan 29, 08 11:51 pm

Not quite done.

Jan 29, 08 11:52 pm

Konyk presents

Jan 29, 08 11:55 pm

Fxfowle presents

Jan 29, 08 11:57 pm

Battery dead. Online voting soon.

Jan 29, 08 11:59 pm

Who's battery is dead? Our reporter's?

Anyone know if there are any parameters for the voting? Or is it just the "coolest" one wins?

Jan 30, 08 12:03 am

For those of you in NYC and ready to party: ARCH DL After-Party at Hugs

Thanks for watching, and bigger thanks to Aaron Plewke with the mobile coverage. Stay tuned for some later coverage by other Archinectors in attendance: Susan Surface, Quilian Riano, and Jacob Reidel.

Jan 30, 08 12:10 am

obviously this competition isn't for old people (like me). they're hardly given any light! how you s'posed to work in shadows, man?!

Jan 30, 08 6:55 am

shit, i do my best work in the dark!

Jan 30, 08 7:26 am

I know Sean, go Sean!

Jan 30, 08 7:29 am
liberty bell

Based only on the info in this thread, I'd have to say I like fxfowle's better. It looks more graceful. But both are cool, and it looks like fun all around.

Jan 30, 08 7:30 am
vado retro

lb if this ever happens in indianastan, i hope that we are teammates. of course, we'll wear leather rather than flannel!

Jan 30, 08 8:36 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

the fxfowle model is hot.

Jan 30, 08 8:41 am

damn that looked good

beta I thought you were going to say you do your best work when the batteries are dead.

so who won?

Jan 30, 08 8:43 am

Konyk won with applause at the event, but online voting will continue this week at LVHRD.ORG

Jan 30, 08 9:52 am

a video by arch. record is at

Konyk kicked ass

Jan 30, 08 9:57 am

yes, my cameraphone battery died at the end of the night, just a few minutes after i sent that last image ("straw" poll).

LVHRD is trying something different with the voting this year - online voting in addition to the live poll.

Audience members were given cards upon arrival. After the teams presented, voters were to give their cards to the lumberjack if they wanted to vote for Team Konyk, or to the big brown bear if they wanted to vote for FXFowle.

Online voting will start this Thursday. From the LVHRD ARCH DL site:’ll be able to watch VDO’s of our Architects presenting their models AS WELL AS vote for ARCH DL’s winner starting Thursday, January 31st, right here on

Each live audience member vote will count as 3 votes, while online votes count as a single vote. vote vote vote.

more info to come.

and thanks for following along last night! we had a great time!

Jan 30, 08 10:13 am

^nice. i missed those last 2 comments...

OU812, thanks for the link. i was looking for that this morning but couldn't find it. i actually saw the archrecord video journalist (?) on the platform of the L train last night after the event, sitting on the ground with her laptop and camera, already editing the video. she (you?) said that she hoped to get the video up by this morning. it looks great, and really gives a good impression of the two teams.

Jan 30, 08 10:20 am

Yeah i like the look of FXFowle but i think the idea behind Konynk's (as expressed in the Arch Video) is more interesting...
It responds to possibilities better.

And as one of the guys from FXFowle said in the video, they have more beuatiful objects (on the human scale), "if we could really make things do that".

Jan 30, 08 10:32 am

AP, yes that was her (web editor for arch. record) and i on the L platform last night working. i'd like to take credit for it, but i just held the mic.

Jan 30, 08 10:47 am

cool. nice to almost make your acquaintance, OU812.

Jan 30, 08 12:03 pm

yeah yeah - how was the drinks and the chicks

Jan 30, 08 2:19 pm

I was rooting for FXFOWLE until they jumped the shark into smiley face territory. See here.

and, great to run into all the archinecters.

Jan 30, 08 2:36 pm

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