ARCH DL IV: FXFOWLE vs. Konyk ~ live coverage

brian buchalski

now that's the kind of school that i should have went to...low lighting, odd-ball materials, qick-n-dirty models, and applause....lots & lots of applause

Jan 30, 08 3:50 pm

hey mimi! nice seeing you as well. thanks for posting your write up. i think you've pulled it apart quite well.

i actually didn't get to vote...we arrived a bit early to meet the teams etc. and evidently missed the vote-card handout at the door. ah well, guess i'll have to settle for a 1x online vote.

Jan 30, 08 4:15 pm

Mimi, it was nice to see you too. I like your comments on the media saturation.

Steven it was dark in there but the constant flashes of cameras provided plenty of light.

Jan 30, 08 5:07 pm
vado retro

neither project was big enough, shiny enough, or had big enough holes in them. has oma's influence jumped the shark?

Jan 30, 08 7:09 pm

I thought da fox boys did it up right! Must be the influence of the
urban planners in the firm.

Jan 30, 08 8:04 pm
liberty bell

vado, it's Indianastan - we'd wear suits made of corn.

Jan 30, 08 11:17 pm
vado retro

don't forget the soy bean lb.its indianastan's number 2 agronomic product! in fact, our outfits could look something like this...

i call gray suit!

Jan 30, 08 11:28 pm

online voting started today! you can watch a video of the design brief and the presentations @ ARCHDL.LVHRD.COM...

indecision '08! more images in the LVHRD Gallery...

Polls close next Thursday, February 7th.

Jan 31, 08 8:06 pm

voting ends tomorrow. so far konyk is winning 713 - 580...

here are some more pics from the event, linked from LVHRD's gallery:

Feb 6, 08 2:22 pm

voting is closed, and although they haven't officially announced it yet, it seems Konyk is the victor. congratulations David and Sean!

Feb 8, 08 12:43 pm
brian buchalski

what's up with the bear? it's wintertime and they're supposed to be hibernating right now!!! those pictures have just cased my anxciety level to spike!

Feb 8, 08 1:22 pm

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