corporate campuses - the good, the bad & the ugly


Looking for precedents of corporate campuses. All that come to mind are bad ugly spec corporate sprawl next to a highway interchange. So what companies have good architecture, good planning, and good landscape?

Adaptive reuse, urban infill, and sustainable design is a plus.

(I'm studying a 40 suburban acre site that's being redeveloped by a midsized manufacturing company - hope we don't need to chop down too many trees in the process. I've already looked into how many kWs of PV panels will fit on the roof...)

Apr 6, 07 2:56 pm

A great corporate campus is Eero Saarinen's GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

Apr 6, 07 3:18 pm  · 
Chili Davis

I agree. Tech Center is amazing. Tough to get in some of the buildings though.

Apr 6, 07 3:23 pm  · 

You should look at the Boeing "move to the lake" project in WA. I studied it for my thesis (particularly their attempt to put the designers and the makers under the same roof). I was most impressed with their signage (environmental design), but I know they have been praised for the site planning/ environment.

Also, maybe look at Allergan in Irvine, CA...I know people that work there who think it's a successful campus (in the middle of a plastic-planed community). I'm not sure because I haven't been inside the fortress.

Apr 6, 07 3:27 pm  · 

also, does the Salk Institute qualify as a campus? I would assume...

Apr 6, 07 3:28 pm  · 

great places, the salk and saarinen rock my world!

Apr 6, 07 4:05 pm  · 

may not qualify as corporate but a campus

The California Endowment by rios, clementi, hale in l.a. (on alameda blvd.)

Apr 6, 07 4:13 pm  · 

ahhh...I love rch...

this project was WIDELY publicized/ analyzed so it should be easy to find info on it...check metropolis from jan or feb I think (I'll check when I get home)...

but, go to the rch website (I love it)...

Apr 6, 07 4:26 pm  · 

the Getty Center is a pretty extensive campus i would say, not quite corporate

Apr 6, 07 4:40 pm  · 

Electronic Arts is supposed to have a nice campus

Apr 6, 07 5:48 pm  · 

wild card!

Apr 6, 07 6:01 pm  · 

i grew up near this one...

Corporate Woods

even before i knew what architecture was it depressed me terribly...

Apr 6, 07 6:40 pm  · 
some person

A few months ago, I participated in an NAIOP Webinar entitled: Developing Green: Strategies for Success in Green Developments.
This book accompanied the Webinar. While the presentation was geared towards developers and contained only very basic LEED information, it had some good corporate case studies.

As for other corporate campuses....

Nike has a good corporate campus in the Northwest. I did a corporate wellness case study a few years ago. Email me if you're interested in the report.

You might also want to check out Joe Valerio's corporate portfolio.

Northwestern Mutual Life has a new campus just south of Milwaukee.

Apr 7, 07 10:41 pm  · 

Nike Campus

url=]TVA Architects[/url

ADIDAS Headquarters


Apr 8, 07 12:16 am  · 

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