Ferguson's Castle


Hello Everyone... I am not an architect of a formal nature.. though I have designed and hand built many structures. I am on a quest to preserve the memory and history of a magnificent  castle that was destroyed a long, long time ago.. The story is here: My ultimate goal is to create a 3D model of the castle. I have spent months researching, collecting data, photographs, floor plans including elevations. These plans were created in 1908 and though handsomely done by Allen W. Jackson the text is somewhat illegible in places. I will upload samples if there is any interest.. My question is this: Can it be done?

Thank You


May 14, 12 5:04 pm

That part with the angled lines on it is space within the walls for things like plumbing and vents.

Can you post a pic without the red text and arrows?  

May 14, 12 5:50 pm

Hi Donna.. first Thank You!.. the pic..

May 14, 12 6:01 pm

Glass blocks were invented in 1938 by Pittsburgh Corning.

May 14, 12 6:02 pm

Thanks James.. notes taken...


May 14, 12 6:07 pm

" castle that was destroyed a long, long time ago"

Can't be that old. Those are clearly elevator shafts in the um... boys' bathroom. Yup.

May 14, 12 6:27 pm

Hi Rusty.. the castle was designed in 1908 and completed in 1912.. thanks for the elevator tip... I had thought some kind of shoot for the boys dirty clothes...


May 14, 12 6:35 pm
go do it

it has been my experience that hashes / angled lines denote a furr down or soffit of some type. 

but maybe that is a more recent application 

May 14, 12 7:59 pm

@ IrvR
I think Rusty's humour might be going over your head on that elevator tip. Though those are quite clearly, vertical shafts of some sort - laundry shoots or a dumb waiter system...

May 14, 12 8:22 pm

The bath window is located just left of the lighted window in the pic below.... as I remembered a window above the tub area.. I see now that is not possible. But you can clearly see something lighting that area in the pic...

May 14, 12 8:23 pm

There's two windows in  the hallway just outside the bathroom that could correspond to the two windows in the image (one of which is lit up with photoshop). But I can't place that chimney flue on the plans you've provided, so it's a bit hard to figure out what's where...

May 14, 12 10:01 pm

You can see that the square space labeled "stair tower" is surrounded by four thick walls, all denoted with angled lines - we call it hatch or poche in plan, it's thickness that is structural, not occupiable.

I think those two little white rectangles inside the poche are something like a tiled-in soap shelf.  I know those were wildly popular in bathrooms in the 30s and 40s, not sure if they were so earlier.  Something similar here.

I would also guess that those two spaces across the room with the very light X's in them are dressing rooms, not shafts.  Back in 1908 decorum might have required a private dressing area in a shared bath.  See how thin the walls between them are? Partitions, not shafts.  The one on the end is the toilet - see Lot #13 on this auction website.

That's my guess.


May 14, 12 11:06 pm

molotok , Donna... I have to say that I've gotten more sincere, intelligent  responses to my amateurish questions here in a few hours than elsewhere in weeks.. That said I'll answer both responses in tandem..

Molotok:... I assure you that the window closest to the spiral staircase is the window in question.. The view in is a direct angle to the wall above the tub, slightly upward. I'm not sure if it is not just a reflection, I'm only going by my memories of 43 years ago. In those, there is something there not ordinary, drawing my attention to it. the fact that that wall encompasses the tower staircase would darken that area making it unlikely the source of light.. Unless it is a mirror..

Donna:.. I have since looked at the second elevation floor plan and found those corresponding boxes leading all the way down to the laundry room.. either shafts or elevators.. the two Xed chambers are showers containing a futuristic chrome surround cleaning device.. The reason the separating walls are thin is they are constructed of solid  marble..

There are no known color photos of the castle prior to 1966. All the photos at Reborn are created by me from the private collection of Robert B. King author of "A Dream Remembered" published in 1978. You can download this incredible story in .PDF format for free using the FREE EXCLUSIVE link at The about link tells how this whole thing got started... Thank You All!


May 15, 12 12:41 am

Wow, I didn't think showers existed that early. And the others are a laundry chute tucked into the mass and something else.   Cool.  

May 15, 12 8:04 am
chatter of clouds

is that a bathtub at entry? one of the wall carved spaces could be where the water pipe is.

May 15, 12 9:25 am
go do it

the hatches / poche makes sense now thanks donna

May 15, 12 6:30 pm

Showers with plumbing have been around since ancient Greece.  Here is an image:


History, yo!

May 15, 12 7:06 pm
go do it

doesn't  look like the thought of drains tho

damn greeks can't they do anything right

May 15, 12 8:44 pm

Chances of a 3D model being created... with original floor plans and elevations, along with plenty of photographs. It took a team of Allen W. Jackson and 22 subordinates one and half years to design and create the plans.. I'm am not an expert in what can be accomplished with 3D computer programs nowadays. My sense of urgency derives from the fact that human recollection will play an important roll in the recreation. Those memories are fading fast with each passing year. So my new found friends.. Either Yes or No...

Arial view..1922

May 16, 12 1:39 am

woah.  cool project.  I have nothing to contribute, but will definitely keep checking to see how this goes.  I remember watching a thesis presentation on a study of these type of old/lost buildings and the secret chambers/corridors/spaces discovered when the plans were studied in depth.  neat!

lol @HandsumCa$hMoneyYo.  That may have just been a spread in some ancient NSFW magazine.

May 16, 12 6:38 pm

Hello my friends... It's been awhile.. After much effort to reach out for help creating a 3D model of Ferguson's Castle, downloading those free 3D Apps only to find my antiquated computer system cannot handle them.. I went back in time (16 years) and opened Strata Studio version 1996.. took awhile to remember. Below is 2 days work...

I used the original tower drawing plans.. for shape and scale, comparing them to real photos of the Castle. I plan to create one structure at a time then bring them altogether and hope Strata can handle all that data...

I have more renders if anyone would like to see them


Jun 8, 12 6:22 pm

That looks very cool, IrvR!

Jun 8, 12 8:18 pm

Thanks Donna... here is another.. coming along..


Jun 14, 12 6:09 pm

Hello everyone.. after having major setbacks (lightning strike) that mostly destroyed most of my work.. I've rebuilt and here is the grand hall at Ferguson's Castle 1911...


Nov 14, 12 2:34 pm


Why is no one talking about what's happening in Ferguson's castle?

Aug 14, 14 10:20 am

Oh Evan <sigh of despair>.  I'm so freaked out by it I'm trying not to think about it. But twitter is consumed with it and I can't stop looking....

So awful.

Aug 14, 14 11:15 am

not to hijiack this old thread, but what's happening is seriously disturbing. I've been glued to my twitter feed most of last night and this morning, feeling ever more disgusted. While I'm happy that twitter has become a kind of digital commons, I wonder what's happened to public space in this country, where it seems now that no protest can go undisturbed by military force... 

Aug 14, 14 11:21 am

Ferguson, the suburb of STL, is not the same as Ferguson's castle. Maybe start a thread? It is very disturbing. 

Aug 14, 14 12:30 pm
I apologize for my
unknowing, but what happened? This thread is great.
Aug 14, 14 1:20 pm
Non Sequitur


totally not related to the castle in the OP's first comment.

Aug 14, 14 1:30 pm

Wait, CD.Arch - no judgement, but had the word "Ferguson" not been floating around in your online world the last several days? I'm hearing that mainstream news isn't covering what's happening, but it's been ALL OVER my twitter and FB and the news sites I visit.

I think Evan's use of this thread is clever.

Aug 14, 14 1:34 pm
Ohhh I saw that on the news last night. I think them not releasing his name is out of safety to that officer. Isn't the police station receiving death threats anyways? I don't know enough to form an opinion though.
Aug 14, 14 1:56 pm

The bigger issue is that the police force is using tear gas, intimidation, and rubber bullets on demonstrators; preventing the press from entering the area; arresting journalists; and overall acting like asses, all as a result of an unarmed teenager being shot to death by someone in their ranks.

Aug 14, 14 2:35 pm

This should really become a new topic.

I can tell you that out here (in the rocky mountain region) if something like that happened, there would have been residents wielding shotguns and high-powered rifles shooting back.

Aug 14, 14 2:36 pm
There were riots right? That's what I saw. The news breaking saying that those demonstrators were rioting. Is that not enough to warrant riot control? By the way, these questions aren't meant to be rude. And yes here in central-eastern Oregon as well archanonymous. Not the valley or the coast though.
Aug 14, 14 2:54 pm

There were riots, yes. 

There were also peaceful protests and peaceful assembly at the police station and other areas of town.


There were members of the press arrested.

Missouri governor claims to be taking STL police out of the entire city and replacing them with FBI / DOJ

Aug 14, 14 4:24 pm
Bob King

Very impressive blog and renderings.....So glad the Castle still generates such interest.

Bob King

Mar 7, 17 12:31 pm

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