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Some of them fly to sunny climes for the winter. 

Glad you're here to tell the tale. 

Apr 21, 14 1:46 pm

Oh, man jla-x that is really scary!  Glad you went to the doc and had it seen to.  Without getting too personal, is the treatment ice and waiting, or do they do a round of antibiotics, or is there an actual Black Widow antivenom?!?

Apr 21, 14 2:41 pm

There is an antivenom but they don't give it unless its a severe case...breathing problems ect...Just ice and waiting for me...its much better already...unfortunately no cool superpowers  resulted...

Apr 21, 14 3:13 pm

yet.  could be early for their manifestation.

Apr 21, 14 3:22 pm

did you all know that ken koense had won the Nobel Prize, 1st Place?

Apr 21, 14 10:04 pm

I think I heard a comedian say that since the Nobel deliberations are kept secret for 50 years you might as well tell people you were a finalist because you and they will be dead before anyone could verify whether or not you were telling the truth. 

So yeah, it's totally fact that I was nominated in the Architecture Criticism category for my use of the analogy "like putting your enemies' heads on pikes" in describing MoMA's reuse of the Folk Art Museum tombasil panels in some other iteration. You'll be able to verify that fact in 2063.

Apr 22, 14 8:14 am

One guy who won the Nobel said at the award, "It's hard to be bitter at a time like this."

He had been through a nasty dicorce 9 years, 11 months and 27 days earlier that gave his ex 50% of all Nobel winnings within 10 years. 

Apr 22, 14 8:44 am

From what I hear, ken koense, total asshole. so much so, that his mother disowned him, and his cat, regularly pees in his cheerios. aside from that, i heard that he did not win the Nobel, but was definitely in the running, partially due to his Brad Pitt like eyes, and his Angelina Jolie like charm.

Apr 22, 14 10:41 am

@beta, sounds about right... :p

Apr 22, 14 1:26 pm

beta, are you actually ken koense?  if so, you may need a better cat.

Apr 22, 14 1:42 pm

Is b3tadine[sutures]'s cat in a box? Is it alive, dead, or both?

Apr 22, 14 1:59 pm

Schrödinger won the nobel prize in 1933!

Apr 22, 14 2:21 pm
grneggandsam  Insteresting article on housing in SF.  Perhaps the general public's perception of zoning could be changing?  Could be HUGE potential benefits to architects, directing money flows away from banking and landlords and to productivity.

Apr 22, 14 9:40 pm

It's a great article, greggandsam.

Apr 22, 14 10:43 pm

no, I'm not ken koense, I'm not that cool, or handsome.

Apr 22, 14 11:41 pm

talking about zoning - here are a few recent links from planetizen:


a brief history of your neighborhood: a web series on the policies that create sprawl.


and - Japan's zoning code.

Apr 23, 14 9:50 am

animal architecture

Apr 23, 14 11:24 pm

Can we put "starchitects" in the same dustbin, as "architorture" already? It seems so, 2002.

Apr 26, 14 8:58 am

Can we put "starchitects" in the same dustbin, as "architorture" already?

I though they were one and the same.

Apr 26, 14 1:22 pm
'Tis the season of bourbon, pollen, lovely beezes, brunch, and horse races, y'all.
Apr 27, 14 3:59 pm
Not that bourbon is ever out of season...
Apr 27, 14 4:01 pm
Apr 27, 14 4:42 pm

steven - my money's on "wicked strong."


hey donna - have you had a chance to ride pacers bikeshare yet?

Apr 29, 14 1:55 pm

why haven't I heard of san rocco before?  there's some good stuff in there.

Apr 29, 14 2:08 pm

man - I haven't thought about Grassi in a while:




my biggest worry is that the young generation coming out of schools couldn't explain just why these facades are so nice - I mean, look how close those windows are to the corners...

Apr 29, 14 2:36 pm

Nice images, toast.  No I haven't used the BikeShare yet, but every time I've walked past one there are bikes out and about being used! It's very cool.

I reviewed for BSU yesterday - the one project that completely blew me away was so very 1990, Douglas-Darden-like fictional spiritual collaged drawings.  And burned wood.  SO good.

Apr 29, 14 2:46 pm

Hey - Donna's back - Woohoo!

Apr 29, 14 3:30 pm

yeah! happy Tues all! 

love the crispness of those rows-buildings-facades

Apr 29, 14 8:35 pm

Bought $25 worth of electrical parts at Home Despot today and got waaay overcharged, the shelf price of one item was more than doubled at checkout. Same thing happened to the Ms. at the megagrocery. Is this another corporate profit strategy?

Apr 29, 14 8:45 pm

Please go post your snappy and humorous ACT anecdotes on my ACT bitchfest thread.

Apr 30, 14 1:12 pm

"I number it among my blessings that my father had no car, while yet most of my friends had, and sometimes took me for a drive. This meant that all these distant objects could be visited just enough to clothe them with memories and not impossible desires, while yet they remained ordinarily as inaccessible as the Moon. The deadly power of rushing about wherever I pleased had not been given [to] me. I measured distances by the standard of man, man walking on his two feet, not by the standard of the internal combustion engine. I had not been allowed to deflower the very idea of distance; in returned I possessed 'infinite riches' in what would have been to motorists 'a little room.' The truest and most horrible claim made for modern transport is that it 'annihilates space.' It does. It annihilates one of the most glorious gifts we have been given. It is a vile inflation which lowers the value of distance, so that a modern boy travels a hundred miles with less sense of liberation and pilgrimage and adventures than his grandfather got from travelling ten. Of course if a man hates space and wants it to be annihilated, that is another matter. Why not creep into his coffin at once? There is little enough space there."

C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy, 1955.

May 1, 14 10:49 am

That's lovely, toast.  I feel the same way about acoustic ceiling tiles.

May 1, 14 12:11 pm

I had a  7:00 am  Friday morning meeting in the field with a Client.  When he got out of his car he was carrying one of those little wine bags and he said Merry Christmas!  It was a nice heavy bottle of wine, which I usually stay away from.  How ever  Mrs Snooker...loves her I brought it home and of course she said it was nice of him to do.  She said I don't know this wine things go quiet and I'm back to putting out the Next Friday morning fire when she says, "It's a $100.00 bottle of wine."  Nice late Christmas Present.  He is really a great client has lots of work for me, pays well, and we have a good relationship. I take care of him and he takes care of me. 

May 3, 14 4:17 pm

That's great, snook! It's the way every job should be. I've got one like that now on a long term project (5 years to date) and it's been fantastic.

Funny how some clients think they'll get more out of you by shortchanging you ...

May 3, 14 5:44 pm

Aw, that is a sweet story, snook.

May 3, 14 9:26 pm

“To be accepted in the conservative network, writers must defend suburban land tenure and yet appear to uphold the doctrine of the sovereign consumer,” Ross says. “But suburbia has little to do with the free markets that libertarians claim to believe in. Covenants, zoning, subsidies, and exclusions created it and keep it alive.” Likewise, their support of highways makes little sense from a free-market point of view. Suburban roads are, “even more than suburban neighborhoods, made by government,” he points out.

To solve this problem, says Ross, “They drew up a case for sprawl that rests overtly on population statistics and economic theories, but conveys an underlying message that is cultural and emotional. The single-family suburb embodies true Americanism, under attack by an alien cultural elite.”


social striving propels the drive-only suburban machine

May 6, 14 2:06 pm


May 6, 14 2:28 pm

Love it, gruen!!

May 6, 14 2:30 pm

Social striving is driven by corporate marketing. 

May 6, 14 2:45 pm

how is everyone this evening?!

May 7, 14 9:28 pm


May 7, 14 11:31 pm

me too! and i just woke up from a full nights sleep...

May 8, 14 8:48 am

nam, I'm conflicted.  I'm facing a situation I can't detail publicly but it's pushing all of my social justice and ethical practice buttons. It's been quietly brewing for awhile but was brought to the forefront yesterday and despite lots of exercise, a fair share of wine, and a good night's sleep I'm still just distracted, flummoxed, and angsty about it.

I'm trying to practice patience, as it may work itself out without my intervention.  But if it doesn't it's going to be a very tough decision for me.

On the other hand, I developed a little exhibition idea I'll be presenting to the AIA tonight that has so far been very well-received. Wish me luck that it will go forward!

May 8, 14 9:01 am

probably need more than a 'fair share of wine' for that kind of thing. sounds like a situation demanding bourbon. at lunch.  

May 8, 14 9:48 am
Sarah Hamilton

Just quit the PTA already.  You're much too cool for Harper Valley, anyway.

May 8, 14 10:43 am

Hahaha Sarah that made me laugh.  This is not PTA-related. And Steven, tonight I will have bourbon - AIA monthly meeting and I will need it!

May 8, 14 11:41 am

not that it's got a chance of measuring up to kentucky bourbon but.... you know that there's an indiana bourbon called 'big ass' don't you? and also bulleit's rye is from indiana, i think. 

May 8, 14 12:06 pm

I didn't know about Big Ass.  I have had Backbone, and it is lovely.

May 8, 14 1:09 pm

I'm powering through a wall section drawings today.  I LOVE doing wall sections, they are my favorite drawing, but in my entire career I've only had one project for which I was able to take time and make deeply considered decisions about the wall construction.  Mostly it's just standard practiced detials charetted out...

May 9, 14 10:35 am

we were talking about that in the office today. a beautiful project here in louisville had its groundbreaking yesterday.

it's exciting when there are actually aspects of a project visible in renderings that cause our staff to have a geeky speculative conversation about how the architects achieved the illustrated conditions! we seldom get an opportunity to generate such details here.

[i won't make you wonder. it was the curved brick (?)  in the image below.]

May 9, 14 12:05 pm

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