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You might think they have nothing in common but their on-trend beards. But no. The author of My Booky Wook and the philosopher behind Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism are both critics of modern society. Which, then, of 2013's leading penseurs said the following?

After all the Russell brand love a few pages back, try taking the Who Said It: Brand or Zizek? quiz! I got 7 out of 10.

Dec 26, 13 1:00 pm

first of all, angelina jolie's best film was hackers.

second, there is something very wrong with you observant.

i missed #3 and #6

Dec 26, 13 2:00 pm

hackers WAS a classic!

Dec 26, 13 2:53 pm

second, there is something very wrong with you observant.

I don't follow Brangelina.  I also dislike Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and thank God they've sort of hit the wall and have moved on.  A lot of stars are decadent trash.  I know.  I grew up in Tinseltown.

Here's another thought, only slightly off topic:

Women get involved with a man hoping to change (mold) him.

Men get involved with a woman hoping she'll stay the same.

The fact that some guys ultimately become recalcitrant to the "honey do" list and some women double in size is why couples part ways.

Dec 26, 13 3:11 pm


I hope your watching these movies from you  electra-glide  easy chair and not in a movie theater.  I can only visualize you standing up and booing and tossing  things at the screen.

Now for a little down time, off to go watch something on the tube.

Dec 26, 13 8:13 pm


Hate to break it to you.  Most of the time, it was in a movie theater with friends.  And I was quiet, unless something funny happened. 

Older ones on DVD because they call for being watched again and again and again, and we know the lines.  Think 007 movies.

The toughest ones to watch were "Shawshank Redemption" and "Primal Fear."  Everyone is forewarned that "Primal Fear" will have a difficult scene to watch.  And when the archbishop was taking off those elaborate rings to go to bed, I knew something was going to go down.  The filming of that scene, including showing the bay window breaking from outside those elaborate Chicago digs, was really intense.

Dec 26, 13 9:19 pm

A lot of stars are not only decadent trash, they are also illuminati mind control slaves.  That is why so many of them die young under strange circumstances.  They start thinking for themselves and, poof, then they are ritually sacrificed.

Dec 27, 13 9:15 am
I thought they are lizards?
Dec 27, 13 9:32 am

is brad pitt a mind control slave?  didn't he run away from america to live in africa or something like that?

how about tom cruise and john travolta?  is there an option to be promoted from mind control slave to mind controller?

Dec 27, 13 9:33 am

Ya John Cage came to mind for me....

Michael Douglas

Robert Downey Junior

Dec 27, 13 10:58 am

hollywood stars are most likely human slaves.  the pure reptillians hide either deep underground or in other dimensions alltogher.  But speculation is that hybrids reptile/humans control the most important things above ground.

oh, yes, mind control handlers are often from the ranks of the mind control slaves.

Dec 27, 13 11:11 am

curt, no need to place nice or defend "these people." 

Grow up in NYC, people aspire to Wall Street, corporate, fashion world, or ad agency mucky muck status.  Grow up in L.A., people aspire to stardom.  It's an unhealthy frame of reference, just as it is for kids in the poor parts of cities who look up to professional athletes as "the way out" and are then severely disappointed.

I don't know what Pitt's shtick is all about, nor do I care.  I know Angelina is all about adopting kids in a bleeding heart sort of way.  She is or was also some kind of ambassador.  As if she's qualified.  At any rate, the next time you're in Lawrence KS, at the off-ramps, and you get gas, ask if "Brad" is still working there.  It was a brick gas station.  I remember because we don't have brick ones out this way.

As for the others, well, I'm not touching the Cruise and Travolta issue, or issues.  However, when the Cory Monteiths, Kurt Cobains, Anna Nicole Smiths, and Paul Walkers do what they do (drugs, speeding) and America mourns them almost more than the way it mourns the Michael Landons and Patrick Swayzes who succumbed to cancer, something is wrong.  Really wrong.

Dec 27, 13 11:37 am

I'm feeling like the "What's the deal with naked old dudes in the gym?" question needs to be a reality TV show so that we can all fully observe and properl decode this phenomenon.

Dec 27, 13 2:54 pm

What?  And I thought these cheetahs had hopped over into yet another exhibit to snack on this deer.  No.  This deer, probably a resident of Washington DC's Rock Creek Park, sort of hopped on in to the cheetah pen.  And what was this deer expecting to find?  Are deer generally dumb?

This doesn't quite hit the gravity of that kid from San Jose' who went to the SF Zoo who took up a dare from his friends to scale the fence at the tiger exhibit and hang around the top of the enclosure, and from which the tiger then pulled him into the pen.  Tragic and needlessly risky.

Dec 28, 13 12:45 pm

Not sure where to put this so here it goes:

An Easy Analogy About Our Planet

Happy New Year!

Dec 30, 13 5:57 pm

hey TC!

I have had an unexpectedly productive end of the year! hope everyone has a fun/safe time tomorrow! Looking forward to 2014...

Dec 30, 13 10:10 pm

Also had a very productive day since no one else was in the office - I went through my coworkers e-mails and sent back all unanswered submittals with revise and resubmit and a single note that said "requires gerbil."  


I'm sure I'll regret this next week.

Dec 30, 13 11:09 pm

heh. goodnight

Dec 30, 13 11:39 pm

Last year my resolution was to read a chapter a day in a book (any book) and this year it is to read two books a week. This is the pace that I ended the year at so twont be too bad. Anyone care to join my literacy resolution?

Celebrating the new year with snowboarding and hot springs later this week! I rented a little house in the mountains that has an outdoor room with a fireplace. Some realtor's vacation home. 

Dec 31, 13 6:50 am

Great news!  I just find out that "cats are the best reptilian detectors and reptilian busters known to mankind."

I now bles this thread with some kittens pictures.

Dec 31, 13 9:41 am
Toaster, once a senior and very talented architect told me to always send back Submittals before they were due, even if you didn't finish them, revise and resubmit, so it looks like you are on top of your game.

I also like to bitch out the contractor early for stupid questions. Makes the rest of CA go smoother.
Dec 31, 13 11:26 am

I recently visited a house some friends are flipping.  They made so many bad design decisions - or not so much bad as just not taking advantage of what the house already had going for it - that it made me sad.  I can confidently say I'm good at home remodel work, really good at it.  I miss it, in many ways. That thread on design fees is just making me miss it more.

Dec 31, 13 12:11 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Donna, the house I live in is the sad product of a poor flipper. I just painted the peach-colored trim in my hall, after hating it for 10 years, and noticed on every door frame, where the trim meets the base trim, the right side goes straight to the floor, the base and 1/4 round stopping at the edge of the trim. But on the left side? The 1/4 round comes across the front of the trim, and is then cut at a 45 leading into the doorway. At first, I thought, oh they tried to do it correctly, but since they didn't remove the trim when they installed the laminate wood floor, it was too difficult to trim the floor to fit the door trim. Fine. But they attempted it again on all 6 doors! Crazy.
Dec 31, 13 12:55 pm

Happy New Year to all you
Archinectors!  Rock on in 2014!  More Regga!

Dec 31, 13 11:32 pm

Happy New Year all.  I had a lovely visit and drinks with my former partner/still best friend this evening, but then they went home to bed and we are staying up with the ten-year-old to let him watch the ball drop.  Nice to spend New Year's with old friends, the ones you know will be with you for a long time to come.  As I feel about many of you, 'nectors! 

Dec 31, 13 11:56 pm

happy new year Donna! and everyone else too. We have crazy japanese tradition of pop-stars and enka from 7 to midnight and so we watched that. everyone has something to love and to hate (mostly hate), but its fun anyway.

Jan 1, 14 2:28 am
The American tradition is to shoot guns in the air. Good night to stay inside.
Jan 1, 14 8:42 am
Sarah Hamilton
I thought that was a Mexican tradition. Crazy to think it happens up your way too, Donna.

And we watched The Magnificent Seven with Abram, and let him watch the ball drop at 11. Thank god he doesn't know about time zones! I'm getting too old for these late hours.
Jan 1, 14 9:53 am
Happy nude year archinectors! Watch out in the locker room and don't be bitter about the profession. Gonna make us ALL some serious Gs this year!
Jan 1, 14 9:54 am

shooting off guns? - I'm pretty sure that's very specific to the southern midwest.

Jan 1, 14 10:10 am

gruen, that is depressingly optimistic.

Jan 1, 14 10:18 am

2014 begins:

Jan 1, 14 10:51 am
toast, you mean specific to the southern midwest plainar northern Pacific desert bi-coastal regions, plus Alaska? I agree.
Jan 1, 14 11:28 am

^  That is a mouthful.  It's easier this way.  Look at those USA Today short cover blurbs that tell you where SAT scores are lowest, teenage pregnancies are highest, illiteracy is highest, domestic violence is highest, and number of registered cars that don't run are highest.  That would be places like MS, LA, AR, OK, and NV.  That is some serious NRA territory, among others. (And then, when USA Today runs those same mini stats for where test scores are highest and everything is hunky dory, it's always New England and the Upper Midwest, meaning MN and WI, though MN I can do without).

Jan 1, 14 11:49 am

I didn't realize people shot off guns in celebration until I moved to St. Louis.  and I grew up in Detroit.  People in Detroit tend to use guns for their intended purpose.  You don't waste bullets like that.  And it's certainly not a thing in the northeast.

Jan 1, 14 7:11 pm

Shooting off guns at New Year is (a) very popular (problem) in Philadelphia, for about a decade now. It doesn't happen where I live now, but, in my old neighbor, it happened on my very block, and judging by the sound, it was only a few houses away. And , yes, it is now standard practice for there to be warnings against shotting guns on New Years Eve's local NPR radio news broadcasts.

Jan 1, 14 7:37 pm
Sarah Hamilton
That's funny. People that shoot off guns in celebration don't listen to npr. Ha!
Jan 1, 14 11:08 pm

NPR = National Propaganda Radio

Jan 1, 14 11:12 pm
Ha good point, Sarah!

Four inches of snow here. So beautiful.
Jan 2, 14 6:16 am

Ugh. 1/2" here and 5-10 more coming. No thanks. 

Jan 2, 14 10:09 am

Mmmmm. Bacon that only looks radioactive.

Jan 2, 14 10:14 am
Snopocolyopse 1 whopping inch. Shot off my AK in celebration but the fuc*in furrin' made piece-o-mudderfudders-whopper jammed so I went for my back up piece.
Jan 2, 14 10:20 am

We should perhaps discourage Quondam and t a m m u z from posting in the same thread together lest a singularity form.

Jan 2, 14 10:56 am

Pete, I like you!

That snow was beautiful until I found myself in my Miata stuck spinning in place on a slight hill facing into oncoming traffic.  Apparently the City decided not to bother plowing. What a clusterfuck.  Oops, my 2014 resolution was to stop swearing so damn much.

Jan 2, 14 12:06 pm

My New Year's resolution, among others, is to not call my northern buddy t a m m u z mercurial.

Jan 2, 14 12:33 pm

my new year's resolution is to abandon my new year's resolution by february

Jan 2, 14 12:49 pm

My new year resolution was to not make a resolution until January 6.  This way I can make it thru another blissful weekend.

Jan 2, 14 1:06 pm

SneakyPete, better there than here. And as far as I'm concerned those threads are a black hole.

Jan 2, 14 1:11 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I think last year was the first year I made a resolution: to sit up straighter. I failed. I'm going back to not making one.

Donna, you still drive that old thing?! In the winter?!!!
Jan 2, 14 5:42 pm

We had boots deep snow when we arrived at the in-laws for new year break, and now its all melted away and the back yard is green (moss, not grass). Can't recall being here for the winter and feeling like spring before. We are at the base of the Japan Alps which usually means winter is weird-ing i suppose.

On upside am getting a tonne of work done over the holiday. Ridiculous that I should be pleased about that, but I am.

Jan 2, 14 6:01 pm

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