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Was looking for a place to talk about movies.

I've just watched 2046 by Wong Kai-Wai and only just realised that it was a sequel to in the mood for love! Christopher Doyle is just on another level with his cinematic directions, everything I've watched with him as a cinematographer has just been great.

Makes me wish I was able to visit Hong Kong in the 90s.

What else are you lot watching?

Jul 18, 21 3:14 am

in a totally diferent genre, I just watched Supernova, very delicate and touching.

Jul 18, 21 10:42 am  · 

don’t remember the last time I saw an entire movie, except for Sing and The One And Only Ivan (as my 4yr old loves gorillas)

Jul 18, 21 2:51 pm  · 

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