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Was looking for a place to talk about movies.

I've just watched 2046 by Wong Kai-Wai and only just realised that it was a sequel to in the mood for love! Christopher Doyle is just on another level with his cinematic directions, everything I've watched with him as a cinematographer has just been great.

Makes me wish I was able to visit Hong Kong in the 90s.

What else are you lot watching?

Jul 18, 21 3:14 am

in a totally diferent genre, I just watched Supernova, very delicate and touching.

Jul 18, 21 10:42 am  · 

don’t remember the last time I saw an entire movie, except for Sing and The One And Only Ivan (as my 4yr old loves gorillas)

Jul 18, 21 2:51 pm  · 

Necro-ing this thread. Last night I saw The Greatest Hits and it was really delightful. A sweet poignant love story with lots of music.

The score is by Son Lux and the score intertwined with the music in the movie is very well done. Son Lux scored Everything Everywhere All at Once, too.

The movie is coming to Hulu Friday and it's worth watching - it's easy and fun and pretty and sweet.

Apr 10, 24 11:18 am  · 

Any of the Studio Ghibli animations - for the detail alone... It's all drawn by hand and the backgrounds are also just stills of the landscape and fictional buildings. I recently saw "Howl's Moving Castle". 

Also, The Gentlemen. Guy Richie. A slightly different perspective of london, UK.

Apr 16, 24 5:50 pm  · 
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