what corona means for architecture

Some good reflections on the subect in this article, worth a read. What are folks' further thoughts?

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Apr 4, 20 8:37 am

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Non Sequitur

business as usual for us. Got 2 new sizable projects just a few days ago and ion working on a new office building. 

Apr 4, 20 9:33 am  · 
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revolutionary poet

notes from NYC Metro area

- sites finally closed last week but with the new Essential Work application we already have one job site opened back-up.  this is where the department of buildings reviews your project in relation to the states directive/law.  please note "Affordable Housing" projects are considered essential....wondering out loud here, will possible luxury condo projects change given a possible slow down in real estate deals (that were already over inventoried) and bring back more "Affordable Housing" to avoid not finishing the project on time there? 

- contractor's major complaint in NYC was Freight Elevators.  No one wants to ride in an elevator with 20 people in them crammed together, so then the elevators were slower which then slowed down the construction.

- all residential buildings are shut and many management companies are doing the bare minimum and not pushing the apartment review process, but since everyone is home everyone is thinking about their apartment renovation and I've already been told by one managing agent the requests are sky rocketing.

- new work coming in slow, but it's a pause not a stop.

Apr 4, 20 9:51 am  · 

good to hear. wonder how long does it take for NYC to get back to normal again.


It means wider corridors...

Apr 6, 20 4:25 pm  · 

maybe office design will incorporate more working from home.  more focus on shared resources like conference rooms, secretary pools, etc. rather than cube farms.

Apr 6, 20 4:54 pm  · 

We are a little slower for the this time of year and waiting for the local planning department to get back to us so that we can fire up the contract docs on a couple housing projects, started back on a large ( for us at least ) housing project, got some traction on a large resort spa proposal, and a couple single family projects are full steam ahead.  I am optimistic those will all carry on and don't see any of the current projects turning into dumpster fires. No one will be laid off  / fired.

Apr 6, 20 8:23 pm  · 
Think most considering entering BA/MArch program in fall 2020 should perhaps consider a year deferral- modified online programme is not a satisfactory solution for a course that thrives on connections both students and communities
Apr 7, 20 3:46 am  · 

I envy my brother due to this


Entering MArch in a few weeks. First semester will obviously be online only but there's definitely potential for the second semester to also be online. This is weighing heavily on my excitement but I really need to finish up my schooling. I took an extremely long road and deferring even a year makes it even longer...

Going to try to form a mini-studio with a few classmates that will hopefully somewhat supplement the school studio environment.

Apr 20, 20 7:56 am  · 
liberty bell

Just use copper everywhere a human hand touches something.  That’s the architectural outcome of COVID-19.

Apr 20, 20 9:28 pm  · 
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LB, I took a pretty deep dive into copper and bronze for infection control for a healthcare client of a former employer. The Copper Development Association (CDA) has some really good information on it. It does kill a lot of baddies but it's not a magic bullet. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it working at its best. Ultimately, that's why this particular client opted against it. It would have required changing a lot of already existing infection control procedures, and they also didn't want the staff to get lazy about proper cleaning and hygiene around it ... easier to maintain the status quo. Kind of a shame, but understandable from their point of view. I wonder if their decision would have been different post COVID-19?

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liberty bell

That’s an excellent reply, Everyday, thank you! And reminds me that in our last house I wanted a copper countertop but husband, having put himself through college working in restaurants and bars, put his foot down (which he rarely ever does) and said No: he’d spent hours and hours maintaining copper countertops!

revolutionary poet


wonder if they are selling well? Copper Fit Pro Series Compression Knee Sleeve ...

Apr 21, 20 7:15 am  · 

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