How can I increase more creativity


I've been lack of motivation and low energy. More importantly, I am not creative lately. Does any have any advice for me. My performance is down hill, and I am afraid it will show in my works.

Oct 6, 19 5:25 pm

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fix your attitude

Oct 6, 19 5:34 pm  · 

Oct 6, 19 8:02 pm  · 

make your actions good & your work right

Oct 6, 19 8:07 pm  · 

We've all been there! Don't despair. Creativity requires input. If you're lacking in creativity at the moment, you are just missing some necessary inspiration! Don't depend on yourself to inspire yourself. Maybe a new book to stir the thoughts?

I am currently reading "The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp. Amazing read and really gets you thinking. Great actionable techniques for peeking curiosity and finding inspiration when you're in a slump.

I've also started a blog on the subject of creativity and architecture. It's fresh off the boat but feel free to check out my post. More to come. Maybe it will spark something!

Hope you get out of your slump!

PS: Don't underestimate the value of some good food and exercise. Eat some brain foods...blueberries, nuts, avocado...and do some cardio. You'll be surprised how much that can clear up your brain fog and leave room for some great thoughts.

Oct 6, 19 8:40 pm  · 

Creativity is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.

Get to work.

Oct 6, 19 10:15 pm  · 

Take walks.

Every good idea I've ever had, I've had during a long walk. There's something intangible about being in motion that lets your mind also wander.

Oct 7, 19 12:18 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

There is nothing a few pints of Guinness at a good pub with a good friend won't solve.  Bring trace paper if you're adventurous too.  

Oct 7, 19 12:42 pm  · 

Scrolling through the internet and seeing other blooming ideas has always been a source of creativity for me. Checking out project sites, or seeing art can motivate creative ideas in any work field. 

Oct 9, 19 11:34 am  · 

Do creative things to stimulate that part of the brain..  Painting, sculpture, sketching, etc.

Oct 9, 19 1:01 pm  · 

Be active, eat well, go actively look for inspiration - art museums, parks, books (i.e. not just digital), make art, talk to people - mentors, friends, etc.  Also, if you're not getting enough R&R, make sure to get a good day or so to relax.

Oct 10, 19 12:37 pm  · 

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