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What is going on in Europe?

Nov 23, 21 6:20 pm  · 

Sales push by Pfizer. "Estimated numbers hospitalized IF everyone exposed right now". OMG run as fast as you can!!!

Nov 23, 21 6:35 pm  · 

What's going on (at least in the Netherlands) is that there is still around 15% of unvaccinated adults, often not the brightest bunch , definitely the more selfish kind that also don't follow mask mandates or social distancing and often not the ones leading a healthy lifestyle (very high BMI). They're the ones primarily ending up in the hospitals now (apart from some vaccinated people with preexisting conditions)...Also kids are unvaccinated here while schools and daycares are open (with some teachers in schools and daycares intentionally unvaccinated, is asking for trouble). We are also not yet giving boosters over here in NL unfortunately.

In Eastern-Europe the % of vaccinated people is simply lagging behind I suppose (for various reasons) and with the colder weather over there they are already forced to spend more time indoors I guess, which obviously increases the spread of the virus. The German government actually said that the way it is going now that after this winter all their people either will be vaccinated, will have gone through COVID or simply died from it, let's see...

Nov 24, 21 4:35 am  · 

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