Architectural “Check Sets”


As architects we often set internal deadllines se we can review the progress of our construction documents. Yes- mistakes and omissions are always a reality of practice, but we often forget the word “progress” when reviewing such sets. We often review incomplete thoughts or documents and judge them as harshly as finished products. 

Why don’t we just step back and realize that what we are producing is a work in progress and not everything we are reviewing is the end all be all unless we are formally issuing for a project milestone such as BID? As we coordinate MEP and Structural, our attention can’t be focused on trim or paint (for example) yet we comment on uncoordinate items anyway - as if our team somehow was extremely negligent? 

Mar 2, 18 1:31 pm

That's funny. I've thought the same thing. Think about this, firms want detail-oriented people, and that is what detail-oriented people do (can't see the big picture, which is ironic).

Mar 2, 18 1:42 pm

We always hurt the ones we love most.

Mar 2, 18 1:44 pm

i love how when you finish coordinating major items the question is- “why doesn’t this drawing align with that drawing on the sheet?” Ugh fml

Mar 2, 18 1:48 pm

All those redlines make it look like you are working hard. What if you said, "Yup, looks good." You look like you don't give a rip. 

Mar 2, 18 4:48 pm
Non Sequitur
What other purpose would my red Lamy fountain pen, conveniently loaded with high quality red ink, serve if not to mark up check sets?
Mar 2, 18 5:23 pm

I use green or blue. Red hurts my eyes.

Nothing beats a fat black Sharpie.


Except when endorsing checks.


An image in turning over and over in my mind on its journey back to Silence. I see only a small part of it, but I can feel the power. It is a living spirit, bearing gifts. I am making marks in honor of its passage.

-Reese Williams

Mar 2, 18 7:50 pm

You know it looks good when someone picks at something petty. It's as good as praise.

Mar 4, 18 7:31 pm

I love how no one checks shit in our office... then I get into shit when something goes wrong. I’m Not perfect, but sometimes your eyes go blind to certain things when working on a project for so long. 

Mar 4, 18 9:02 pm

my office either. I end up pestering people to check my work, then they comment on my spelling and shit that doesn't matter. thanks alot.


Oh, this ^^ so much. Id ask about some rough design element I'm trying to figure out and my boss would go all laser-focused on some part of the drawing not related to what I was doing asking if the text was the right scale or what it this leader line doing here.


That's your punishment. They purposedly try to find something wrong even if it is the tiniest thing to exact their revenge on you for wasting their time with dubious questions.


It’s because those reviewing are generally from a time when drawings were done with paper and pen. Things wouldn’t end up on a sheet unless it was physically drawn that way and drawn correctly. So explaining “oh that layer is still on or oh yeah that legend is just a placeholder or I haven’t bothered aligning those plans yet” doesn’t really make sense to them becuase they are coming from the experience of drawings things intentionally, imagine someone hand drawing saying those same things to their boss. Even though the end product of architectural drawings are the same, the process of  how you get there is entirely different from their era, so they get pissed and think why would you intentionally put incorrect legends and unaligned plans on a sheet? 

Mar 5, 18 12:14 am

Please. Don't try slipping me a brown M&M.

Mar 5, 18 12:52 am
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We perform QA/QC reviews for other architects, owners, PM/CMs, and sadly attorneys. Our reviews are objective, third-party with no other interest than making your projects better. We look for code issues, accessibility, coordination with MEPS, content of details, whether details are appropriate for the project, and if they are missing. This is my full time job.

The problems we discover are fairly amazing. This is not spelling or failure to dot an 'i' stuff.

We tell our clients we save you time, money, and frustration during design and construction. Whatever you pay us (reviews don't cost that much) we WILL save you in your time and efforts responding to RFIs, contractor BS, change owners, and owner grief.

Send me a note to discuss.

May 16, 19 8:01 am

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