At what age were you licensed?


I had my hours submitted just prior to the 6 month rolling clock rule... and then barely finished the AREs under the 4.0 tests before they forced everyone into 5.0... But in the end, licensed at 36, my goal was 30... but life got in the way. Took me just about 12 months to pass all the 4.0 exams.

Mar 13, 23 2:03 pm  · 

Graduated from Landscape Architecture 1986 - Registered 1993

Graduated from Architecture 1989 - Registered 1994

Mar 14, 23 2:30 pm  · 

still waiting for mine to get approved..

so, 28 if they can just give me the license before my birthday...the processing time is ridiculously long for...some cases..!

Mar 14, 23 3:37 pm  · 

29. Then I quit architecture right after.

Mar 17, 23 1:51 pm  · 
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winkles of a cat

44.  After 7 years doing an entirely different profession and 7 years of being a stay-at-home mom.  Gave myself one year to take all exams while youngest was in preschool (passed all) and then I began working in this field again once that kid was scooted off to kindergarten.

One of my colleagues did them all in 3 months.  He was cray-cray.

Mar 17, 23 9:01 pm  · 
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27. That was a long time ago. One classmate beat me by a year.

Aug 30, 23 1:21 pm  · 

23. Graduated from my 5-year B.ARCH program with about 3,000 hours of experience (I have been interning at various firms since the summer of my second year). Took a few months to become acclimated to working full-time before studying, then passed all my exams within 3 months. I wanted to get this process out of the way before my life became complicated with starting a family. Looking back on it, I believe this is one of the best decisions I've made.

Dec 12, 23 9:01 am  · 
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33 by about a month and a half when it became official.

Dec 12, 23 11:43 am  · 
atelier nobody

45ish? I was pretty lazy about it until they introduced the 5 year rolling clock.

Dec 12, 23 1:13 pm  · 
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I was lazy and didn't get licensed until I was 38.  Doing the first 10 years of your career doing only conceptual and schematic deign will do that to you. 

Dec 12, 23 1:33 pm  · 
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39.  Paper-based mail-in IDP and 1st generation of NCARB's computer-hosted exams. 

Dec 12, 23 1:43 pm  · 

I had planned to finish during the year of 29-30. Just turned 30 and delayed due to both parents passing separately over the last year. Getting back on track now to do before 31 is the plan...

Dec 12, 23 2:10 pm  · 
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i think i was 30...feels like a long time ago

Dec 12, 23 2:29 pm  · 
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