Burning Man, Festival Of The Rich

Does burning man even matter anymore? My millionaire boss takes her university age daughter there Few years In a row now and it seems like the antithesis of the original spirit. A sort of self sufficient temporary bartering uninhibited anarchistic society revolving around the burning of an pagan effigy. Also it is cool the installations that are done there, many by arch schools now. But idk. It seems like it's so establishment now. Blah. Rant over.
Aug 8, 15 5:25 pm

it sucks.

a bunch of rich assholes going weekend warrior now.  I don't know if it was ever cool, a bunch of ugly ass hippy art, and the organizers are just some big corporate money making machine.  the original sprit is dead, if it ever existed, it was never at the scale it is now.  throw in the blm trying to get their 5 star lodging to issue a permit this is a cluster fuck. 

Aug 8, 15 5:43 pm  · 
null pointer

Aug 8, 15 6:25 pm  · 

Is Dr. Dre sanctioned by the AMA?

If he called himself an architect AIA members would be crapping themselves silly.

Aug 8, 15 6:56 pm  · 
boy in a well



did burning man ever matter except for those who went? except that the ring of burners continues to grow, like alumni and their alma mater. probably a pretty good club to be in.

a friend went (who is, shall we say quoting Jimi, not exactly experienced) - came back changed.

Aug 8, 15 7:35 pm  · 
Boy in a well. Thank you for rephrasing this. Burning man is now the "edgy" country club.
Aug 9, 15 1:04 am  · 

Burning Man *did* matter, and the reason for its inception was/is valid. But like everything authentic and grassroots it was ruined once it became well-known.

I never went to Burning Man; the closest thing I've experienced was the Oregon Country Fair (note: not county) in the early 90s. There's no way to say it without sounding cheesy, but it was authentically a temporary community of love and goodwill and acceptance of all beauty, and I left it changed. That experience has informed how I think of cities and community ever since.

There are still incredible small passionate communities of people doing authentic things - I heard about a super-cool one last week that I'm not going to mention here - but once someone sees an opportunity to monetize that passion it all goes to hell.

Maybe a rotating benevolent dictatorship *is* the best form of government.

Aug 9, 15 9:33 am  · 
Wilma Buttfit

^ If you've never even been to Burning Man, how can you comment on it?

Aug 9, 15 10:35 am  · 

it ain't a party unless the cops show up....i've thrown a few like that..........controlled debauchery is just stupid.

Aug 9, 15 10:42 am  · 

accountant like types see 1000 people in one location. figure markups on water and see a business opportunity. port a poty money making opportunity.......then people who always have their shit together spend their money to pretend they have had an experience.....its Disney world for adults.......if the authorities do not want to shut you down you aint't doing it right, that means someone figured a way to monetize the event and pay the taxes to get public servants to moderate instead of furiously shutting it down.....

Aug 9, 15 11:00 am  · 

Not a fan of it, but interesting to think of Burning Man as the socialization mechanism analogue to what the Protestant Church was to the Industrial Revolution. 

Aug 29, 15 12:51 am  · 

I've never been to Burning Man, but I can smell the b.o. masked with patchouli oil, and see the cultural appropriated deadlocked white assholes in my Minute Man bunker in Minnesota. 

Aug 29, 15 9:20 am  · 

A while back I commented on this but moved on not to give any more attention to it. A few people told me in person that "I was negative" on creativity and art, needless to say.

Sep 1, 15 2:02 pm  · 

Orhan I love everything you write, and almost always agree with all of it.

Sep 1, 15 7:32 pm  · 

patience you must, for delivery of the negative young Skywalker.......honestly i'd be bored out of my mind without drugs, not that "spiritual" without a beer or 10.......i say burn baby burn.....Zarathustra soo much cooler (see Zorastariansim - little sumpin sumpin about fire)

Sep 1, 15 7:56 pm  · 

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