Searl Lamaster Howe

Searl Lamaster Howe

Chicago, IL


30. South Wacker Offices

Waterton Associates is a real estate investment and management company headquartered in Chicago. We are currently working with them on their multi-phased office expansion which will give them exclusive use of their current floor at 30 South Wacker Drive.  The first phase of work under the master plan is now underway.   New open workstations will be supplemented by phone rooms, private conference rooms, and informal meeting spaces.  With the phased expansion in mind, furnishings were chosen for their flexibility and durability as they transition to the new open corporate office model.  The branding of the company is reinforced is a series of floor to ceiling graphics which present a stylized collage of city skylines.

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Status: Built
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Firm Role: Architect of Record