Kahn Architecture & Design

Kahn Architecture & Design

New York


Broadcast Client

KAHN architecture developed the design for this Broadcast Company’s Broadway office.  The 10th floor office space consists of open workspace areas and private offices at the perimeter, multiple conference rooms and open pantry.  Acoustic baffles above the workspace increase sound clarity beneath the high ceiling. Four accent walls of varying colors are used to identify the seating areas of each team  department. The 7th floor office space consists of a reception and lobby area, private offices, green room, kitchen pantry and open workspace areas. Design details created by the team include a feature wall at the entry which portrays a multi-colored cityscape.  Kahn Architecture created a technical space for the on-air broadcasts with a partially opaque glass wall to allow their television audience to view the open workspace beyond the studio walls.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US