Ministry Of Design

Ministry Of Design

Singapore, SG


UOL Frame Gallery

The 2nd in a series of three show galleries for UOL, this is for Thomson Three residential development in Singapore. The design capitalizes on the characteristics of its unique site conditions and uses it to heighten the experience of show gallery and show flats. Nestled amongst a grove of tightly spaced trees and bounded by 2 roadways, the gallery is primarily arranged around a central model display atrium with a top lit skylight, with 4 'pods' extending outwards from this central point. 2 of the pods are orientated towards the roadway, with large glass windows providing the surrounding traffic an enticing view into the gallery's bustle and sales activity — serving as the show gallery's "window display" and a means to showcase the development models and graphics.

The 2 'pods' on the opposite length of the gallery provide a completely different experience and look out onto a completely different view. Instead of the busy road, the view is of a 'jungle' like natural setting filled with mature trees. The design of the show gallery capitalises on this and we placed the 2 show flats here, positioned intentionally to frame the attractive views beyond—creating a tranquil and serene domestic atmosphere to better situate the living environments of the show flats. Each show flat's design and interior attitude captures the lifestyle of a distinct demographic - a stylish younger feel for the 2 bed room unit and a more mature sophisticated attitude for the 3 bedroom unit.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG