Ministry Of Design

Ministry Of Design

Singapore, SG


Sho-U Restaurant

Inspired by the dramatic intensity, sudden twists and vivid hues of Japanese Kabuki theatre as well as Peter Greenaway’s “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”, the design for Sho U provides a dining experience which celebrates the unconventional amidst a surprising aesthetic.

MOD also collaborated with renowned Singaporean Artist Lee Meiling for the flower art installations, and with Jo Soh of Hansel for the Japanese worker-inspired uniforms.

This project has won 4 prestigious international awards, including the coveted Grand Prize “Interior Design of the Year” conferred by International Design Awards, USA in 2007, and was named “Grand Prize Winner” at the highest hospitality awards: the Gold Key Awards, New York in 2007. In addition, Sho-U Restaurant also won the Gold Award at IDCS Design Excellence Awards 2008 and was named Finalist at Contractworld (Germany)’s International Architecture Award for Innovative ID Concepts in 2009.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG