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Ministry Of Design

Singapore, SG


UOL Fractal Gallery

Designed for UOL, a reputed Singapore based developer, The Fractal Gallery seeks to redefine the typical show gallery typology on several fronts and is the third instalment in a series of show gallery collaborations with UOL. (The development is called 70 St Patricks).

As a starting point, we positioned the main development model in the middle of the show gallery, allowing it to serve as the building's nucleus. Organizationally, the remaining program of show flats, discussion areas and back of house facilities spiral around this nucleus and are spatially defined by a series of wall planes, which radiate outwards in a centrifugal fashion.

These wall planes and the varying ways they are juxtaposed, to either capture or connect spaces, generate the baseline of the building: a language of fractals. The resulting experience of these fractals is dual, first as a visual artifact from the outside as well as a spatial narrative from within.

On another level, The Fractal Gallery also seeks to challenge conventional Singaporean show gallery precedents, which discount the potential for unique architectural solutions as a valid and powerful marketing device.

UOL Fractal Gallery departs from the formulaic combination of staid glass boxes and over-sized billboards, replying instead on the inherent branding value of an iconic architectural statement as a more relevant, subtle and sophisticated form of branding. The show flats also question the notion of contemporary luxury, eschewing typical elements of ostentatiousness.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG