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Ministry Of Design

Singapore, SG


Fost Gallery

Designed for a sophisticated client with an affinity for polished spaces, Fost Gallery was
 an opportunity to explore the extension of “art curation” to “space curation” by introducing authorship and transformability.

Through the design of 2 principal elements: pivot walls and movable objects; the client is able to orchestrate different scenes in the gallery. Working with the existing infrastructure, 4 pivot walls swing out at 90 degrees to divide the gallery from one open space to several intimate spaces from which to experience art differently. The movable objects, the reception desk and art display rack add another layer to playfully juxtapose their presence against the pivot walls. The ubiquitous status of the art display rack is elevated to an instrument in space creation and designed to be proudly displayed; not hidden away. The Fost Gallery entrance calls attention to itself with an unexpected move by recessing into the building as a black tunnel framing the view into the gallery.

“The design team at MOD headed by Colin Seah were fantastic to work with. Given the constraints of the existing heritage building, they managed to create a physical space that was flexible to accommodate the changing needs of each exhibition. More importantly, they created a metaphorical space which could accommodate each artist’s ideas. To me, they are more than just interior designers.”
—Stephanie Fong, Founder of FOST Gallery

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG