Ministry Of Design

Ministry Of Design

Singapore, SG


Tangs Flagship Store

Desiring relevance in the face of ever evolving retail trends, Tangs appointed MOD to fundamentally redefine its retail experience by establishing a new retail strategy, public space planning and holistic design for the ground and upper levels.

Ministry of Design’s vision for this new iteration of Tangs (Tangs 3G, or 3rd generation) is disarmingly simple: to provide the Tangs customer with an enhanced lifestyle-driven and culturally relevant retail experience. MOD envisioned Tangs to go beyond the traditional role as mere retailers and instead be the creators and curators of a totally immersive Tangs experience that continually entertains, excites and evolves. MOD captured these strategic directions in a one-off publication which came to be known as the “Tangs Bible”: a reference document which sets the tone and principles for the interior design and space planning which followed.

The main entrance pays respect to the iconic Tangs heritage roof, yet updating it with dynamic faceted MDF panels with red high gloss paint and concealed light strips, to visually link the past with the future. The angled window displays funnel shoppers towards the Center Stage, a 3D environment to showcase Tangs’ curatorial leadership.

MOD’s design for the Beauty Hall seeks to address the inherent blandness of the conventional department store beauty hall whilst providing each distinct beauty brand an opportunity to create a unique and memorable retail experience. Typically, conventional beauty halls feature rows of loose furniture and display modules, making it difficult for the shopper to clearly differentiate one brand’s space from the other or be immersed more fully in a single brand’s retail experience. For the Tangs Beauty Hall, we created a series of 3 dimensional ‘pods’, where each brand could uniquely determine the look and feel of their retail environment by manipulating the floor, walls/columns, furniture and ceiling of their pod. MOD also created a set of guidelines establishing basic perimeters for each tenant with the intention to encourage each brand to create the most unique and distinct possible.

Winner of multiple prestigious awards, including the “Best Shopping Experience” by the Singapore Experience Awards 2013 & the coveted “Best Retail Concept of the Year” by the Singapore Retail Association 2013.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG