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Ministry Of Design

Singapore, SG


New Majestic Hotel

Predating the advent of the boutique hotel movement in Singapore, MOD conceptualized the New Majestic experience to simultaneously draw from its locale and heritage whilst looking forward to create an experiential narrative which earned it membership in the internationally acclaimed “Design Hotels” group. At that point in time, it was the sole Singaporean hotel belonging to the group.

MOD designed the interior architecture for all the public spaces as well as for all 30 rooms in the New Majestic Hotel to satisfy the new global hotel consumer’s appetite for distinctive experiences, and introduced 5 new room typologies, which fundamentally redefine the hotel room experience architecturally: these include the “Hanging Bedroom”, and the “Loft Room”. MOD also teamed up with the architects to re-investigate the Singaporean shop-house typology by introducing natural light via airwells and portholes, natural ventilation via airwells and ceiling fans, a swimming pool & 2 sets of 4 inter-connectable private garden decks on the 2nd floor.

This project has won 5 international awards so far, including the top prize “Design of the Year” for President’s Design Award 2006, Gold award at IDCS Awards 2006, Finalist for “Best Hotel Room” at Gold Key Awards New York 2007 and Finalist at Design for Asia 2007, Hong Kong.

The hotel also had the privilege of being counted amongst the best in both the UK and USA editions of Conde Nast: Conde Nast Traveler USA 2006’s Hot List, 60 Best New Hotels in the World; and Conde Nast Traveller UK 2006’s Hot List, 180 Best New Hotels in the World.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG