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Ministry Of Design

Singapore, SG


Durasafe Retail Gallery

Durasafe, Singapore’s leading supplier of premium safety gear and equipment, approached MOD to create a gallery that would reinforce its existing strong brand presence for its predominantly male customer base and reach end users instead
of businesses.

Situated in a 6m high modern warehouse space, MOD’s design for the Durasafe Gallery
is a multi-layered spatial experience that dramatises the entire process of viewing safety gear products. The entire facade serves as a backdrop for an over-sized Durasafe logo; passing through this strongly coloured backdrop, one walks into an entirely black environment, which allows the multi-coloured safety products on display to visually pop. The space comprises a double-storey scaffold-like structure surrounding a feature display area and lounge. Inspired by the industrial environments and construction sites where Durasafe’s products are most commonly employed, the ‘scaffold’ allows the products to be clearly displayed in distinctive categories - these are further called out with custom designed graphic logos in light boxes.

“This design is completely revolutionary in comparison to any safety retail stores in the world. I am of the opinion that Colin Seah of Ministry of Design deserves recognition because it succeeds on several levels. Working with Colin and his team was a very rewarding experience. Their work was highly thorough and professional. Everything is well documented; nothing is left to chance. The project schedule was kept on time and we were very pleased with the results. We had so much fun and were extremely happy with their commitment and service. I wish there are more people like them in the
service industry.”
—Jefferson Soh, Managing Director, Durasafe

Durasafe Gallery has won the top award in 4 international design award competitions, the most prestigious being the Red Dot Design Award 2014. In addition, Durasafe won “Best Small Store” at the coveted ISG Retail Week Interiors Awards 2013 in London (organized by Retail Week UK), beating 10 other international retail stores. Judges described the store as “bold and innovative”, and we are proud to have been the only Asian finalist and won
the category.

Durasafe also won the top award at FX International ID Awards in 2013, for Best Retail Space; the Golden Pin Design Award, 2015, from Taiwan Design Centre; and the Bronze medal for the Retail Category at Design for Asia 2014, from Hong Kong Design Centre.

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Status: Built
Location: Singapore, SG