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Tour Légende (originally Tour EDF at La Défense)

This 41-story office tower occupies a prominent site directly adjoining the Dalle of La Défense —an elevated pedestrian plaza centered on the monumental axis that extends eastward from the nearby Grande Arche through the historic heart of Paris.

The building is positioned to reflect this axial system while respecting the view corridor from the historic center. The office floors rise above a lobby at the plaza level and two lower floors of amenities, including a garden restaurant.

The distinctive form of Tour EDF originates with the corollary obligation to enhance the quality of public space and public life. Hence the tower is shaped in such a way that it does not stand aloof from the “Dalle” but instead makes an engaging gesture toward the Parvis de La Défense. The carved prow of the building creates a memorable gathering place, where passersby are invited to pause and enjoy the view from a raised platform beneath a sheltering circular canopy clad, like the tower, in stainless steel and glass.

A 0.3-hectare site at La Défense

63,000m2 offices; 1,500m2 lobby; garden restaurant and amenities / support; parking for 80 cars on 4 levels below street; landscaped plaza

The Hines Corporation

Architecture; exterior envelope; interior design of public spaces

HQE-certified (L’Association HQE)

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Status: Built
Location: Paris, France
Firm Role: Lead Designer
Additional Credits: Associate Architect: Saubot-Rouit & Associés, Paris; Structural: CETECS TTI, Paris; Mechanical / Electrical: Trouvin Ingenierie, Paris; Images: Simon Hsu / Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Gérald Morand